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What beats sound good with a higher voice?

Im only 12 im starting to rap my voice is still kinda high not crazy high but now low. Anyway what beats sound good with a higher voice? Im thinking AZ? Anyone else?

How do I make my voice Higher?

Ok so i am a girl, and my voice is a bit low. How do i naturally make it higher? i am planning to be somesort of singer, and i need my voice to sound betterr.

How do you make your voice higher?

I want to make my voice higher not for punk .

How do i make my head voice sound higher in volume?

I know how to use my head voice(i think), but it just sounds lower in volume than my chest voice, what can i do?
Im a guy

Will speaking in a higher or deeper pitch voice all the time change the pitch of your voice?

Michael Dorn from Star Trek has said that all the years of playing the Klingon character Worf have actually made his voice deeper. Is it true that someone can change the pitch of their voice like this?
So you mean its like a psychological conditioning and not a biological change?

Is it possible for your voice to get higher pitched?

Recently, I’ve been having suspicions that my voice used to be deeper than it is now, like, I think my voice used to be deeper about 2-4 months ago. So, is it possible for your voice to get higher pitched?

Is there a device that I can buy that will change the frequency of my voice and make it sound higher?

I have a older relative that cannot hear my low voice but can hear my sister’s higher voice. I would like a device that will make my voice sound higher like my sisters.

How to sing higher in my chest voice?

I have a jazzy and rock voice. I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but i have quite a good voice. Im in a rock band and i want to sing the higher notes LOUDER! Please help me!

kicks need to be higher and I was wondering is there any items or accessories to further improve flexibility?

Hopefully there is some…