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deep or high pitched voices??

Do guys like female singers that have a soft high pitched angelic singing voice OR a deeper more souful haunting voice…????

Whats a good Fundraiser to do at a High School home football game?

Im in a club at school and need to come up with a fundraiser. It needs to be a 50% profit or more. I know of already the simple ones i.e: Bake sales, candy sales, raffles…..EcSetra

High School Fundraisers!?

I need a fun fundraiser to help raise money for our prom :))

Ideas to get people to attend a high school dance (fundraiser)!?

We are organizing a fundraiser to raise money to send kids with AIDS to camp. Well we have about 200 kids in the school 9-12 and i’m worried that no one is going to show up. So i need some ways to get them excited to go.

What are some fun things that can take place during the dance? Games? Contests?


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Would Starbucks host a high school club fundraiser?

I’m in the Make-A-Wish club in high school and was wondering if Starbucks tends to hold fundraisers. I was going to call, but I wanted to see first if Starbucks would do these kinds of things.

100 Years of West Virginia High School Basketball

From Jerry West to Randy Moss, West Virginia high school basketball is filled with legends and lore. This anniversary video for the West Virginia Boys State …

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[A split second high speed flash picture at the Oswestry Fun Fair of the "Whirling Whip", 1948]

Amusement Rides

Image taken on 2011-12-01 09:06:32 by LlGC ~ NLW.

Singing voice to high? HELP!!!!?

So I really need help with singing. I love to sing but I’m not very good. I have a very
VERY high pitched voice. I’m a 13 year old girl and my singing voice still sounds like it did when I was little only clearer. Is there anyway to make my voice deeper? Not like really deep it’s just I hate it so high! Any other tips would be very apreciated! I may be the only one that thinks high pitched singing sounds bad? Any other tips would be great too!