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Google Streetview Stationary Bike FYP MSc. Interactive Media UL

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Hi all, thank you so much for checking out the video, Much better video here with projector and beter conditions: 🙂 This project was originally…

Joe’s New YouTube Comment System and Google Plus Bafflement Continues

Joe relates his experience of dealing with a full day of the new comment system and his experience of receiving comments under it. Still baffled. Still can’t…

Google Voice invitation? Have Wave invites.?

I have three wave invites left. I’m looking (along with everyone else, it seems) for a google voice invite.
Thank you 🙂

Google Voice Question?

I am wondering that the calls that I make on my google voice will not show up on my phone bill, just as the number of my google voice?

I will call beth from my google voice number , but beths number will never show up on my carriers bill right ?
I feel this is confusing ?

Recently Returned Expedition 35 crew participates in Google+ Hangout

NASA hosted a Google+ Hangout from the Johnson Space Center with three recently returned International Space Station Astronauts. NASA Astronauts Kevin Ford, …

How do I get the Google Earth navigation controls to show?

Hello folks! I am working on building an instance of Google Earth in a website, but I cannot get the navigation controls to show up… This is hard to explain, and though I fear negative repercussions, I am going to link to the example (please note that you must have Google Earth or the plug-in to view what I am referring to):

Are there any developers out there that are smarter than me that can explain how to get the navigation controls to show in this instance of Google Earth? Can you provide example code?

Thanks so much!

Can one cell phone be linked to two different google voice accounts?

So that when people call either google voice number, my cell phone will ring.


Are there any wii or nintendo games like minecraft or google sketchup?

I’m looking for a game where I can build my own “world” almost from scratch.

Why is google voice using my cell minutes?

I have an android phone on virgin mobile, and have the google voice app. It is using my minutes. I thought that google voice would use either the data (which is unlimited) or wi-fi since it makes calls over the internet.

What is Google voice mail and how does it work?

I get so annoyed when I hear the words ” this is Google voice mail, the subscriber you called is not available” talk about voice mail he** -it is like the worst of company voice mails for the individual – tell me what is really going on with Google voice mail and why do people use it. thank you.