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Jack going through a bounce house with a GoPro

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Tested out my new GoPro by sticking it to a trekking pole and giving it to Jack while he crawled through an obstacle course bounce house with a big slide on the end.

Children Trapped Inside Flying Bounce House going airborne – LoneWolf Sager

Another case of a bounce house going airborne has some discussing the safety of the popular kid’s attraction. – LoneWolf Sager.

Would going 2 an amusement park and riding roller coasters the week ur trying 2 get pregnant mess NEthing up??

My husband and I are wanting to try again to have a baby, we want to try the week of August 20-24 and we are going to go to KC to Worlds of fun that weekend…. and I will be riding roller coasters…I wasn’t sure since it is the same week if that would affect anything as far as getting pregnant, we have already had 2 miscarriages so I dont want to have another….

iam having a sweet sixteen birth day party were going camping what should i bring?

i want to go camping for my sweet 16 but idk what to bring for fun its gonna be at follers wich is a place to swim but i want to being other fun stuff and idk what so can u help me pls

I’m going to Camp…any ideas on cool fun stuff to pack?

I’m going to camp merri mac in 3 days and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas of cool, fun stuff to pack. I already have the necessities like clothes and stuff, but i need ideas on fun things to bring.
Thanks 🙂

Where is the taxes for our schools going? Why, the fundraisers?

My son is in kindergarten!! Why, the heck is he getting fundraiser stuff almost weekly? I live in a wealthy area, averege homes are 500k+. Does anyone know why there is no money? Who might be doing the stealing?
Hey my hair is like my little picture. See me on myspace. It’s not fake hair.

Going on a retreat, fun stuff to bring?

Im going on a choir retreat (basically just a retreat) and we go to a camp. There is a lake (not big, maybe 20-30 yards across?) and its like 15-20 ft deep. We can hang out in our cabins and stuff, but my friends and i want to bring a bunch of stuff to have fun with…..It has to be predictable, and not really big…i have to carry it lol. Anyways so far we have just come up with a few simple things:
-apples 2 apples (other game suggestions would be appreciated)

and really thats it…..we just started today and we got like 4 weeks, so no rush……but please answer my question 🙂

and im 17, so it doesnt have to be kid friendly…….
although id like it to be mostly clean….no sex games lol

I’m going camping, what should I bring for fun?

I am going camping will be taking children. This will be the first camping trip. Any suggestions?

children ages range from 6-17 need to know what type of games food ect…

Aviella: Going Through the Moon Bounce Maze At Dee’s Farm in Oceanside, NY

Aviella Going Through Moon Bounce Maze At Dee’s Farm in Oceanside, NY.