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Space Station: Live Getting a U.S. Spacesuit Ready for a Spacewalk

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Expedition 38 Flight Engineer Mike Hopkins downlinked a video description of a us spacesuit Jan. 4. Hopkins and NASA astronaut Rick Mastracchio conducted t…

Thomas D. Jones – Getting to Know the Asteroid in Your Future

Another lecture in IHMC’s award winning lecture series. We circle the sun amid a swarm of asteroids and comets whose orbits approach or cr…

is there a high risk of getting a dvt if i have another child?

i had a dvt after having my first child and want 2 know is there a high risk of it coming back if i have another child
To Keren.There was no signs of a came on all of a sudden when my son was 3 months old.i woke in the morning and couldn’t walk and my leg was double the size.i was in constant pain 4 a month
To Donna B.being sick through pregnancy and having a life threatening disease are 2 different things.

July 2009 – First rooms getting ready for last construction site party

During the time of construction concerts and partys moved the constuction forward. We have promised our first rooms to our first fashion week guests in July …

How do I go about getting voice over work?

I have a very good speaking voice and a talent for building rapport with people. Where do I start? I’m not looking for anything glamorous, just some extra income.

How long can you safely play computer games without getting a headache?

Interactive games? “Intellectual” games? “Stationary” games? Extremely detailed, complicated games realistic games?

What are my chances of getting into Rochester Institute of Technology?

3.128 gpa
1610 SAT score
Extra curriculars include: dance (in & out of school) and key club (community service club)
I want to major in game and interactive media design. RIT is my dream school but im afraid my gpa isnt good enough & the fact that i didnt take any honors or APs. Is there a possibility i could get in?

Can I keep my hair straight after getting it wet?

I have naturally curly and frizzy hair. I straighten it everyday and I love the way it looks. But I have a graduation school trip coming up soon to an amusement park with lots of water rides. Is there any type of product or any other way to keep it straight when it is wet. I am open to any suggestions.

im getting on the airplane by myself without my parents just myself what all do i need to get on?

please help

How to stop voice from getting tired?

I’m a 14 year old girl and I’m a soprano. I’ve been working on my chest voice and belting lately and I take very good care of my voice but now even when I just sing regular my voice gets tired very easily and starts breaking and getting raspy. I use a lot of air when I sing and I try not to strain my voice often. How can I stop this from happening?