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Does anyone know where I can buy the height measure that are at the front of roller coaster rides?

I am opening a restaurant and for kids to eat for the lower price they need to be shorter than a certain height instead of age. I am looking for a height indicator that are usually located at the beginning of lines at amusement parks. I don’t even know exactly what it is called.
Thanks for your help! Our restaurant is amusement park theme so we were just trying to see if we could find something. Thanks again!!

What would you do if all your contacts met up in front of your house with banners shouting?

“ashes to ashes, dust to dust, we hate to shut down but we must we must!”?

How can I successfully ward off a demon telling me to dress like Rick James and moonwalk in front of congress?

What is the funniest thing a girl has ever done in front of you?

What is the sharp bone in front of the Frontal Lobe called? It can cause damage to the Frontal Lobe.?

Perhaps any jarring motion, like some amusement park rides or tossing a baby up then catching it.

American Idol Season 9 – Boston Auditions (early front runners) Ashley Rodriguez & Tyler Grady

As a new season starts on American Idol, we see here two of the performances that stood out from the Boston auditions and could be early front runners. Ashley Rodriguez sings “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys followed by Tyler Grady doing “Let’s Get It On”

Moon Bounce Front Flip

Front flip in a moon bounce

Inflatable games in front of wall paintings

Inflatable Games
Image taken on 2010-06-13 12:52:04 by merlinprincesse.

American Idol Season 9 – LA Auditions (early front runners?) Tasha Layton & Andrew Garcia

As a new season starts on American Idol, we see here two of the performances that stood out from the Los Angeles auditions and could be early front runners. Tasha Layton sings “Baby Baby Baby” by Joss Stone followed by Andrew Garcia singing ” Sunday Morning ” by Maroon 5 .

Is it worth it to get a front suspension for a mountain bike used primarily on the road?

I use a mountain bike to commute from my house to downtown, and I thought of getting it a new front suspension. However, aside from the occasional speed bumps and potholes, I usually cycle through well-paved roads. Am I wasting money if I went through with getting front suspension?
Yes, I already know how to handle potholes and speed bumps. It’s just to paint a mental picture.