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Peep and the Big Wide World: Peep’s New Friend

Peep befriends a caterpillar, only to discover that some friendships are bound to change. For interactive games for kids, activities for parents to do with t…

what should my friend bring to our sleepover?

my friend is sleeping over what should she bring.

What to bring on a car trip with a friend?

Me and my friend are going to Cedar Point this Friday. It is only a two hour drive but still, what should I bring. My car has a DVD player so I bringing those. It also has access to XM and radio back there. I already have a notepad, and a camera but what else?

Christmas gift for best friend.. Ideas?

Ok so I don’t know what to get my bestie for christmas this year. Her fave color is pink, and we both wanna be fashion designers. She also like horses, taylor swift, she loves drawing and games. So any ideas please 🙂 thanks and merry christmas!

What are some fun things I can do with my guy friend?

Okay. So, I’m visiting my friend overseas. We’re trying to get a relationship going, but long distance is the issue. We’re both very reserved, but have our outgoing moments. I know that I’m going on his turf and he should be showing me around, but I’d like to have some input on where we go and what we do; just as he did when he visited me. I’m quite familiar with his hometown. I mean, this is the of opportunities and fun. Help!

At moon bounce with friend

At moon bounce with friend.

▶ Teens Charged in BFF Murder Case | West Virginia Teen murder best friend Skylar Neese

Pls Subscribe for more raw world News! Teens Charged in BFF Murder Case | West Virginia Teen murder best friend Skylar Neese Murder | Skylar Neese Murder: Ra…

How can I help my friend deal with this?

My friends girl friend is on vacation until next Thursday. He’s really upset about it and getting himself into trouble. What advice can I give him so he’ll stop missing her so much? He’s really upset about this and I don’t know what I can say to help him.
By the way he has anger issues and his girl friend calms him down.
Oh and his girl friend can’t communicate with him at all

Where should I take my new friend from India?

I have a new friend who just came from India a few months ago.
He has already seen all the regular places like washington DC and baltimore.
I wanted to take him somewhere a little different.

Should I take him on a day trip through the hills and mountains of western Maryland where we would go hiking and then visit a historical town? He loves nature!

Or should I take him to Six Flags? He has never been to an amusement park.
He has never ridden a roller coaster but is fascinated by them.

So which do you think would be cooler for a foreigner?

I need to start a fundraiser for my sick friend.?

My friend needs a kidney transplant. She needs 25,000.00.
I want to help her out as much as possible.
Anyone have any suggestions on what type of fundraiser to do?
I’m 17, but I’m sure I can get quite a few of adults to help.