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Cool Kid Moonwalks at Food Court!

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Food Truck Fundraisers Package

Tasting Astronaut Food: Inside NASA’s Space Food Systems Laboratory

Photos of all the food we tasted at NASA here (space smoothies!): How d…

what fun food can i bring to my chemistry class?

I’m having a class party, and for extra credit I can bring food. but IT HAS TO DO WITH CHEMISTRY. I know that any type of food i brought has to do with chemistry, but I want it to be fun. : )
like an idea from last year, a group of people made tons of cupcakes and made a periodic table with them. I want something cool like that!

What food should I bring and what are some fun activities?

My husband, 2 1/2 year old son, sister, and I are planning a camping trip for next month and I haven’t gone for a few years and I’ve never brought my son before so I would appreciate it if I could get some ideas for what food to bring and what activities are fun while camping.

Thanks in advance!

Fundraisers at Ford Park help child & Food Bank

Fundraisers at Ford Park benefit 3rd grader Trace French and Southeast Texas Food Bank.

Vegas themed party – food and decor ideas?

I’m planning a Las Vegas Theme Party, any suggestions on decor, beverages and any food ideas and other ideas you may suggest Thanks….

What are some good tips to throwing a dry Luau party? (Decorations, Food, Music suggestions etc.)?

I am hosting a Luau themed pre-game party for my fraternity and a neighboring sorority. It has to be dry because of our school regulations. I was wondering about how to throw an awesome dry mixer with this theme. I’d really appreciate any responses.

Any suggestions on a food truck or cart in Phoenix?

I am looking for an affordable food truck or cart for a birthday event in July in Scottsdale, AZ. Something that would be good with beer and alcohol. I am on a budget but want good quality food as well. This is a pool party that is in Scottsdale, AZ. Lot of people from local bands, and friends will be there to celebrate this event. If you could provide any info on any food trucks or carts, please let me know. I know a few but they are a little out of my price range. Thank you!!!!

If food is free at a fundraiser, does the donation have to be reduced?

We’re having a fundraiser. The food will be paid for out of other donations/general funds. I am thinking that since the food is free, the donors at the fundraiser will not have to deduct the value of their food from their donation to determine their charitable contribution (as they would if they bought a dinner ticket). Is this correct?