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Kindergarten Interactive Games For The Five Senses

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Eighty five children went to an amusement park where they could ride on the merry-go-round, roller coster and?

Eighty five children went to an amusement park where they could ride on the merry-go-round, roller coster and giant wheel.It was known that 20 of them took all three rides and 55 of them took at least 2 of the 3 rides. Each ride costs Rs 1 and total expense is Rs. 145. Then how many children did not try any of the rides and how many took exactly one ride?

What are five fun things I need to bring to basketball camp?

I am doing a basketball camp with my friends in three days. It is all girls. What should I bring either to wear to play in or to play games with my friends.

Liberal Intolerance on Facebook!? Exposed & Debated on The Five – 1-25-13

A compelling segment from FNC’s ‘TheFive’ discussing the difference of intolerance levels from both sides of the political arena taking place in public and online.

Is Billy Pilgrim from Slaughter House Five stuck in a time warp?

I’ve been reading Slaughter House five and I understand everything except if Billy Pilgrim is in a time warp or not.

Best time for a five year old birthday party (serving cake and snack only)?

I’m throwing a birthday party for my 5 yr old boy at Pump it Up (indoor inflatable bounce house). We’ll invite 15 of his friends from school and they have 1 hour to play and 30 minute to eat. I’m only going to serve cake, snack and drinks. When would be the best time to have it so that I don’t have to serve dinner and kids still get enough nap time. Also, is Sunday afternoon ok to have a birthday party?

Where’s a place to have b-day party for a five year old in Rome,GA?PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!?

somewhere maybe w/ inflatables, activities, fun, & has to be indoors….

What to do in a tent with five 12 year old girls.?

I am having a slumber party in my backyard inside a huge tent. I know some stuff to do like decorating a pillow case and playing board games, and my dad has a huge projector so we can watch movies but I don’t know what movies to watch or board games to play. We also are going to have blind makeovers. Here is a list of what we are going to do but I need more. I need like, 5 more things to do.

Board Games
Junk Food
Decorate a Pillow Case

Obama has held more re-election fundraisers than previous five Presidents combined – is that cool or what?

09/28/2011: Weston, WV Toddler Still Missing After Five Days | Where is Aliayah Lundsford?

Facebook page: Download flyer: Weston, WV: We are now in day 5 of the search for missing 3 year old Aliayah Lunsford. Ever since Aliayah disappeared Saturday morning crews have been combing the area for signs of where she went or what happened to her. The FBI and the Sheriff’s Department held a third press conference at about 4:30 Wednesday. So far the FBI has said that they can’t really talk about the investigative techniques they are using just yet, but they are very hopeful about finding young Aliayah. This is an ongoing investigation and they are searching everywhere they can. Earlier Wednesday we were told that there are areas that are roped off. Those are not crime scenes, however, officials are asking that people not go near them because they are still searching them. Special Agent Jeff Killeen of the FBI tells us that they don’t really have a suspect yet, but they are working everything they can to find this girl. They are hopeful, there is nothing to suggest anything has happened to her, and they are operating under the assumption that she is still alive. They are doing everything they can to get this little girl back where she belongs. Source: