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TurtleTrek attraction tour at SeaWorld Orlando – 3D, 360 experience

A tour inside the TurtleTrek attraction at SeaWorld Orlando theme park. We show you the pre-show manatee and sea turtle tanks, then a bit of the show using a…

Gamers in Europe experience the feel of ViviTouch® for the first time

Consumers at Gamescom, the largest trade fair for interactive games and entertainment react to ViviTouch Haptics in mobile devices and ViviTouch Audio in hea…

What’s the secret freeystyle in Michael Jackson the experience for the 3DS? game?

I am soo friggen close to beating it all i need is all the secret freeystyles. What are those combination?
If i misspelled it’s my laptop

Is it Possible to learn the Moonwalk with no experience in dancing?

A place to host a party by Houston Tx?? Prices please? How was ur experience?

I’d like to know a place where i can host a party for less than 100 people, you see, i am making a birthday party but its only for the family and i want to decorate the whole place myself. I am providing decorations and cake etc. I only need a place. ANyone has experience with a place? How was it? And most importantly how much did they charge?

What is your worst experience you’ve ever had at a carnival/amusement park?

Ah, carnivals… cotton candy, funnel cakes, and creepy carnies.

What more could you ask for?

My worst experience was riding a Sizzler… a friend of mine who weighed more than me brought me on my first ride on one, and she said that sitting on the outside made her nauseous. I told her that was fine; I would sit on the outside. Oh, centrifugal force…

I screamed at the guy operating the ride to stop, numerous times. He just laughed, opened the button box, and switched it to faster (we were the only ones on the ride!) I swear I felt my hip start to hairline. I couldn’t sleep on my right side for a week, and my left one was pretty sore, too.
Also, if it was an amusement park, where?
Ew… yeah, I heard that at some of the Rotor rides, when someone upchucked they just sprayed water down in the barrel like a giant washing machine. Funny if you think about it. But ewwww… everyone got a share of your sick, Smiley. I recommend no more rides for you!
Aww, Sarah…

I remember one park, Miracle Strip, in Panama City, Florida. It was a neat old park, quirky and privately owned, and well kept, too.

They sold it to condo developers, because Florida OBVIOUSLY needs another terrible concrete monster.

Hopefully you’ll find the Cyclone somewhere else. Next time we’re by Busch Gardens, I’m asking my mom if we can go just so I can ride Starliner finally.
Er, I mean Cypress Gardens.

DigiWall, an interactive climbing wall experience

DigiWall is an interactive climbing wall that features touch sensitive holds that are used to play games and competitions. Follow DigiWall’s lights and sound…

Experience WV – West Virginia Welcome Video – Find travel and tourism information, order a travel guide, browse our travel planner or calendar of events, view suggested trips a…

which flight simulator game should i get i am a beginner, no flying experience?

There are so many flight simulator games, but i am unsure which one to buy to start of with as i am a beginner, or are games like FSX good enough for beginners?

Can you tell me all about your time doing the American Idol Experience at Disney World?

I’m going to Disney World this summer and I wanna try out the American Idol Experience. Please tell me every detail of what happened and if you liked it or not. (even if you didnt pass the first audition) I want to know any and everything from a variety of people!