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GameTime Miami Sunset Place – Flatscreen TVs + interactive games for the entire family!

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Is it okay to post entire football games on youtube?

I have figured out how to post videos on youtube and figured it would be fun to post entire games on youtube at 10 minutes a piece just like the documentaries, movies, tv shows, etc. but I would hate to post something that took time to post just for youtube to take it down within hours. So is it legal? Would it break any rules or regulations from the networks that broadcasted the game like ABC, ESPN, CBS, etc.?


We high school Seniors & Juniors have the entire school to ourselves!?

Alright, so my senior class president some how got the principle to approve having a lock down for seniors & juniors to stay at school overnight. We’re going to have the entire school to ourselves – the academic building (3 floors), arts building (2 floors) and gym building (2 floors).

We we be allowed access to the entire school!

We’re going to be doing various fun things like school wide nerf gun war, human bowling, moon bounce; we can do anything we can think of that will get approved by the principle!

so im here because i KNOW you yahoo answers people will have creative ideas

3/2/2012 – OVER 50 reported tornadoes – 17 NWS actual warning zones – ENTIRE TOWNS GONE!

ALL POINTS ALERT to east coast USA — North East USA — South USA — and South East USA . Multiple towns WIPED OFF THE MAP ! 17 OFFICIAL national weather service Tornado WARNING areas… and 43 reported tornadoes so far today — and we haven’t even seen the storm reach the east coast! These numbers will end up being MUCH HIGHER when all is said and done over the next 12 hours from now (500pm CST 3/2/2012.) correction..make it OVER 50 reported tornado WARNINGS !!!! wow !!!! thats per a NWS certified meteorologist here in Saint Louis MO ! KSDK news.. was officially from NWS 43 about an hour ago ! Website post with links you will need to monitor these severe storms: Indiana town wiped off the map: A dozen or more states are in the path of this outbreak…. be prepared if you live or know someone who lives in : Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and New england… TORNADOES are on the ground in each southern state heading east northeast towards the general direction of New York City, Washington DC and Richmond VA. PREPARE NOW!

Who came up with the idea that birthday parties have to involve the entire family at a rental hall?

When I was a kid, it was at home(no rental fees) with the immediate family. No uncles, cousins, etc. My parties took about 30 minutes. Now they last for several hours at best. Maybe the rental places came up with the idea to make money. example USA skating or chucky cheese.

♛Michael Jackson♛ – Moonwalk Era!( Entire colllection of moonwalks era by era.wmv) HD

♛Michael Jackson♛ – Moonwalk Era!(colllection of moonwalks era by era.wmv) HD dedictaed by san.fabre04

Cloverfield like that the entire movie…..?

I just saw the yahoo link where they were running to catch the helicopter..I think i got a little motion sick…. is the whole movie liek that with the shotty camera work and the feeling like your tryinging to watch it from a bounce house??

Human Gyroscope rentals located in Bay City Michigan but service the entire state.

Tri City Party Rentals is offering the Human Gryoscope/orbortrion available for your next event. Tri City Party Rentals is based in Bay City Michigan but services the entire state of Michigan. The Gryoscope will be a huge hit call us today to reserve by going to

Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa Turns Up the Heat in Surf City USA With Summer Activities for the Entire …

Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa Turns Up the Heat in Surf City USA With Summer Activities for the Entire …
HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA–(Marketwire – 06/14/10) – Located in the heart of Surf City USA, Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa has developed an unparalleled list of activities that are guaranteed to create an unforgettable summertime family getaway. The luxurious and fun seaside resort is the perfect destination to showcase Southern California coastal living, and experience all that Orange …

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Swimming Pool Floats – Fun For Entire Family

While swimming pools are great just on their own, it’s easy to add even more fun to your pool with pool floats.  Foam pool floats and inflatable pool floats are available in a long list of different shapes, sizes and styles.  In fact, there are swimming pool floats for everyone and just about every water activity.  Whether you want to enjoy the ultimate in relaxation while floating on the water, soaking up the sun and enjoying a cool drink or whether you want to keep your kids active and laughing, there are many great pool floats that you can choose from.  From babies to adults, swimming pool floats provide outstanding fun for the entire family.

Summer is a time for fun, sun and relaxation.  One of the best ways to reduce stress while enjoying the warm sunshine is to float in your pool in great comfort.  In past decades, your options for such relaxation were likely limited to air mattresses and other standard inflatable or foam pool floats.  However, these days your choices are almost unlimited.  When it comes to lounging luxuriously in your pool, there are many different inflatable chairs, sofas and loungers that will help you to transform your pool into a private oasis of peace and tranquility.

While there are personal inflatable chairs and loungers available, there are also swimming pool floats designed for more than one person, such as side-by-side loungers that allow two people to relax while still enjoying company and conversation.  In addition to variations regarding the number of people that inflatable pool floats are designed for, pool chairs, sofas and loungers also offer variety in terms of available features.  For example, some such swimming pool floats come with inflatable pillows and cupholders for enhanced comfort and convenience.  There are even pool loungers that feature built in coolers so you can enjoy chilled drinks while relaxing with friends and family or on your own.

While of all the available pool floats, chairs and loungers tend to be the most popular among adults and teenagers, there are many inflatable and foam pool floats designed for babies, toddlers and older children.  When you want to introduce a new family member to the joys of swimming, there are many great baby pool floats to consider.  Baby pool floats are available in a wide selection of bright colors and fun designs that will delight your baby and bring out lots of smiles.  Many baby pool floats come with great features such as canopies and smooth leg holes to ensure that your baby is comfortable and protected from the sun.

Toddler pool floats also offer an abundant variety of delightful options.  Small inflatable canoes and boats as well and is ride-on inflatable planes and inflatable ducks are just a few of the swimming pool floats available for toddlers and young swimmers.  Not only will the colors and creative design of these toddler pool floats keep your young children happy and entertained, many will also assist them in learning to swim.  This is particularly true of inflatable swimming aids designed to provide extra buoyancy while new swimmers build their confidence and develop new swimming skills.

While there are many wonderful baby and toddler pool floats available on the market, there is also a fabulous selection of swimming pool floats designed for older children.  These pool floats include everything from inflatable rockers for thrilling fun to inflatable toys with built-in squirters which allow children to enjoy exciting water fights in the swimming pool.  Other inflatable and foam pool floats for children include doodles, miniature surfboards, inflatable jet skis, inflatable joust sets and creatures such as sharks, dolphins and sea serpents.

On a larger scale, there are also many different floating pool habitats that will provide your children with hours of creative and imaginative fun.  Floating habitats are available in the form of boat houses, castles and maze systems.  Other such inflatable pool floats come in spheres and cubes.  No matter what their shape, however, floating habitats are a great source of fun for children of all ages.  Many of these habitats are designed to be used by several children at once and will make your swimming pool the most popular one in the neighborhood.

One of the greatest things about foam and inflatable pool floats is the fact that they can add so much to your swimming pool without hurting your wallet.  While quality pool floats are designed to be durable and to withstand rough play and seasons of use, they are still quite affordable and will fit many different budgets.  In addition, with such an excellent selection of available options, there are swimming pool floats for every swimmer and every preference, and pool floats really can provide unforgettable fun for the entire family.

Brenda Masten is an experienced pool owner. She provides information about swimming pool floats to bring comfort and fun to your swimming pool. Learn more about different types of inflatable chairs, loungers, toddler and baby floats.