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Earth Day Interactive Games

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International Space Station From Earth

The international space station as seen from earth. Filmed in Gloucester, MA December 24th at 4:45pm.

Space Station Live: High Definition Earth Viewing

To date there have been millions of viewers looking at the High Definition Earth Viewing, or HDEV camera views. Four cameras are sitting on the exterior of t…

Earth from Space: Special edition

Discover more about our planet with the Earth from Space video programme. In this special edition, Bianca Hoersch, Proba-V Mission Manager, and Stefano Bianc…

Earth Day 2013 on This Week @ NASA

During an Earth Day visit to Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver toured the Landsat Data Continuity Mission control room and w…

Whats the difference between the Earth and the Moon (by inches)?

You might not have it in inches but light-years or kilometers would be good…Thanks in advance!!

does the moon have less gravity than earth?

Measuring the distance between the earth and the moon with gaussian beams(laser)?

For measuring the distance from the earth to the moon, the time-of-flight of a gaussian beam sent from the earth to the moon (and back) is measured. The beam (central lambda=1064 nm) is gaussian with beam waist w0=2 cm, and energy per pulse 120 mJ. In the moon, there is a 30 cm x 30 cm
retro-reflector that sends back photons to the earth.

using this info, could any one suggest me how to measure the distance between the earth and the moon. at your earliest please…
Could you please let me know how can i approach for the measurement of time-of-flight?

How many seconds will the moon’s light reach earth in the lunar supergee?

becoz it normaly takes about 1.3 to 1.25 seconds i wana know how close itl be statisticaly lol

Would I be able to tune into Earth radio stations on the Moon?

I imagine that the Apollo astronauts were able to stay in contact with Mission Control because transmissions were tightly focused and aimed.

But my scenario is: I live in a moonbase, and I have a multiband radio. As I tune the dial, would I just pick up cosmic noise on all of the frequencies, or would I actually get some faint broadcasts from Earth?

A lot of radio stations worldwide operate on the same frequency. Maybe those signals become a blended mishmash when they reach the moon? Would higher frequencies propagate better than lower ones?