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The Voice – Shaun Bartlett | Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics

The Voice – Shaun Bartlett | Sweet Dreams (are made of this) – Eurythmics| 1080p Created with MAGIX Video deluxe MX Plus.

Can someone explain to me why I have been having crazy dreams about my ex boyfriend and inflatable objects?

It seems like every night I have some new, crazy dream about my ex boyfriend and some sort of inflatable object. One night it was about me flying on an inflatable pool raft to go see him at his college. The pool raft later turned into an inflatable airplane.

Another dream was about me and him in a meeting and everyone was sitting on inflatable beds. Later I was the poster girl for his frat house and i was modeling on the same inflatable beds.

The third one I had was about me and his family, him not included, at a water park attraction called the “Lazy River.” His oldest sister was handing out the inner tubes for the ride and when it came time to hand me one, she refused. (Which is funny because she was the sibling i got along with best.) Anyway, the dream went on and each time i tried to get on the ride she refused to give me a proper inner tube.

These dreams have been going on for about two weeks now and mainly focus on the inflatable objects, not my ex. They are not sexual at all and with the exception of his sister not giving me an inner tube (that was frustrating) they are quite funny.

We have been broken up for over a year now and have neither spoken nor seen each other for at least 8 months.

I have tried looking up what the dreams mean but have not had any luck. If you think you have an idea please tell me!


Freschta Akbarzada – Sweet Dreams – Live-Show 2 – The Voice of Switzerland 2014

Freschta Akbarzada sang in der 2. Live-Show der 2. Staffel von «The Voice of Switzerland» den Song «Sweet Dreams» in der Version von James Arthur. Freschta e…

Amusement park dreams?

For as long as I can remember I have been having this dream every now and then that I am either at an amusement park or local fair. The only people there are a few workers running the rides. I remember feeling excited that I didn’t have to wait in line, but it felt super lonely and eerie being the only one there. I hardly ever get on a ride…but when I do it always ends up crashing or falling apart. I don’t mind the dream so much. It just fascinates me. Any ideas what it could mean?

WHY do I have dreams of being on rides that I’m scared of?

For some reason, I happily get on the rides and suddenly am unpleasantly surprised that it’s scary. Like tonight I dreamed I got on this one that went into the dark, went up, dropped me, went back up, dropped me, went straight forward and backwards, up and back down again, and was seated with someone that I knew did not like me. (For whatever reason, though, he was halfway supportive during the ride, offering me his arm, etc., although as soon as the ride ended we went our own ways.)
I’ve had similar dreams in the past, of getting on amusement rides that scare me in real life, so why would I consider them in my dreams? Do they mean something in my personal life?

Could an overindulgence of Thanksgiving dinner cause my dreams to be extremely weird?

I dreamed of all types of weird crap last night, like weird dangerous amusement park rides, crazy ass ex boyfriends and painting walls of an apartment neon bright colors that I never even been in. What on earth…?

Why does a fever cause weird dreams?

Thank goodness, but my short duration, yet hard hitting case of the stomach flu is starting to taper off. Just some infrequent diarrhea and a 100 degree fever remain. But six hours ago I was in absolute hell. Needless to say, I’ve spent most of the past 18 hours in bed miserable. I’ve been having crazy dreams all day. But the only one I remember in great detail was one where a full blown Walking Dead style zombie apocalypse had occured. I was in a group of people like you see in the show, almost all of them average nobodies like me; with the exception of Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen, lol. But it had a crazy twist. All the zombies looked like Michael Jackson did in the final years of his life. If you got bit, the first symptom was you began turning milky white, then your nose fell off, followed by death. When you woke up, you looked like MJ and walked in an odd, slow version of the moonwalk. We referred to zombies as “Moonwalkers” lol! Anyway I could go on, but you get the point. Why does fever cause wild dreams like this?

For all Dreams Interpretors- Dreamt I was in an amusement park and watched roller coaster malfunction?

In my dream, I mentioned it was the 3rd time I had witnessed a roller coaster not make it over a loop and fall into the ground/water with passengers on it. I was never on the ride, but I watched it happen, almost anticipating that it would. Does anyone have any idea what this means? I do love roller coasters in real life and am afraid that might change now.

Why do I always have such freak dreams?

So, the other night I had a dream about thousands of people willingly entering slaughterhouses, though they seemed to think it was an amusement ride. I kept screaming at them not to go, but they wouldn’t listen and underwent these horrible painful deaths.

Another dream was about a boy and his parents running from two giant men. They enter a warehouse, the parents hide the child, but then the men find them and boil them alive in this giant cauldron.

I always these very sick dreams, I don’t understand why, it’s not like I think of anything similar to that during the day.

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