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K9 Fundraisers | See More Amazing Work Done By Canine Partners This short film was created by student Sean Pontikos for a Duke of Edinburgh Award and shows more of the amazing w…

VIP Event DONE BY US In Zabeel Hall World Trade Centre

VIP Event DONE BY US In Zabeel Hall World Trade Centre.

What are some fundraiser you have done and what were the results?

I am the fundraising chair of a project to build a school in Tibet and I wanted to get a feel for how successful different types of fundraisers are.

What fundraisers have you/ your group participated in, and how much did you make? What do you recommend?

Global warming aside, do you believe the government has done enough in regards to reducing pollution?

If not, what do you believe should be done to reduce it further?

I was planning on a fundraiser for the homeless at my college and here someone else has done the same…?

fundraiser and basically said we either combine with them but give them the money earned for their fraternity or just give it up.

what should i do?
it wasnt who it was going too but rather that it was the same way to fundraise a dating game and they threw a fit and student government basically has me up against a wall.

How was the measurement between Earth and the moon done?

What is the funniest thing a girl has ever done in front of you?

Has anyone done a cookbook as a fundraiser lately?

We are thinking of doing a fundraiser cookbook at our school. However there are tons of companies out there. Just wondering if anyone has done one lately, and, if so, what they thought of the company?

What is the best fundraiser your group has ever done?

My church youth group needs to do a fundraiser that makes a good profit and doesn’t take months to plan.

What’s the wildest thing you have ever done?

What have you done that was so wild?