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would the moon ever look a different color something like orange or red near the future?

i have been noticing it turn very yellow during these days. Just curious about this

How is Micro Funding Different than a Fundraiser?

How is Micro Funding Different than a Fundraiser?

different cancer awareness fundraiser?

I am the president of a Cancer awareness club and we need some really cool and unique fundraisers. I need fundraisers aimed for teens. Thanks!

How to learn to do different voices?

Like if I wanted to do a voice like Stewie (from family guy) or do other voices:

How can I learn to do these?

have u ever seen the moon in different colors? if u have, list all the colors u have seen please.?

iv only seen it red and yellow.

Different GPS voices?

Does anybody know if there are different voice for the Motorola MotoNav TN20??

Does anyone remember a skit where this guy does a whole bunch of different dances styles from past decades?

I can’t remember if it was in a movie or on a tv show.. But I just remember there’s one guy on stage and he does all types of dances, from the hustle to the moonwalk to whatever else.. It was really funny and entertaining.. Thanks!
You all are awesome. Thanks! Yahoo Answers rocks.

Is your voice suppose to sound different on a voice recording?

When I listen to my voice, w/o a recorder it sounds normal. But when I hear my voice on a recorder, it sounds very wierd, light, and like my throat is clogged up or something. Can a recording make you sound like that?

Do you sound different to you, than how other people hear your voice?

Sorry if these questions are confusing.

How different does your voice actually sound?

I heard your voice sounds different from how you hear it and how others hear it. But does your voice sound similar to the way you hear it and how others may hear it too, or is it completely different? Thanks.

Why does your voice sound different to others?

Why do you think your voice sounds different when others hear it than when you hear yourself from a video or something?