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Thanking Bridge2Aid’s Fundraisers, December 2013

Bridge2Aid Founder Dr Ian Wilson thanks all fundraisers who contributed to the work of Bridge2Aid during 2013.

Amusement rides at the Youth Park- December 8, 2013

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Weekly Space Hangout – December 20, 2013: Gaia Launch, Apollo 8 & Emergency Spacewalks

Host: Fraser Cain Guests: Nicole Gugliucci, Jason Major, Amy Shira Teitel, David Dickinson, Elizabeth Howell Today’s topics! Jason: Gaia Launches to Map the …

Some amusement rides at the Youth Park- december 8, 2013

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Any suggestions for warm beach vacations in December?

I’m looking to get away for the holidays. Probably by myself (I’m 27/f) so, looking for something safer than Mexico sounds these days. A must is warm and clear water. I want to go scuba diving some days and just hang in the pool with drinks others. I’d like to hear the ocean from my bed, but don’t want to pay crazy prices. I don’t want college party town, but some nightlife would be nice. I start looking on the internet and get overwhelmed. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

I need to rent an apartment for 3 weeks in Cancun in December?

I’m planning to spend 3 weeks in Cancun in December. We’re only a party of 4. Since 2 rooms in a hotel for such a long time would be very expensive, I wanted to check prices so I could rent an furnished apartment instead. I need some info on serious real estate agencies that could handle this. Can anyone help?

2010 Champs Sports Bowl: NC State vs. West Virginia – December 28, 2010

NC State’s highlights from their bowl game vs. West Virginia, concluding the 2010 season. NC State finished 9-4 with a 5-3 record in the Atlantic Coast Conference. West Virginia also finished 9-4, 5-2 in the Big East. NC State 23 West Virginia 7 Final December 28, 2010 Citrus Bowl, Orlando, Florida

which hawaiian island is the best to vacation at in december?

i want to relax on the beach. go on dive or snorkel tours. see the night life. hike a volcano. go kayaking. also, i would like some romantic things to do.

in your opinion, which is the best island to find any of these activities?

STS-61, Endeavour (December 2, 1993)

On December 2, 1993, the space shuttle Endeavour lifted off from Launch Complex 39-B at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This was the first servicing mission on the Hubble Space Telescope, which was placed into orbit by the space shuttle Discovery in April, 1990. The seven-person crew on board Endeavour completed a then-record five spacewalks, as they restored Hubble’s infamously impaired sight. STS-61 launched in the dark, and landed in the dark eleven days later, on December 13. This launch was captured over the air on NASA TV, with the footage starting approximately one minute before liftoff and ending shortly after SRB separation.

Video Game Quiz – December 2011

This is mbwchampion’s Video Game Quiz!! Every month we will have a “NEW” interactive quiz. Rules are simple, answer the question with choices A through D to see if you have the video game knowledge. At the end of the quiz, you will see what your score is. Do you have what it takes to get all 5 questions correct? ** Note ** These interactive games only work on computers, not on your mobile phones. Also make sure you have annotations turned on.