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The big 10 birthday party for my daughter… fresh ideas needed..?

My daughter is going to be 10 on August 4th. I am having her a slumber party on August 2nd and her birthday party will be the following day. I could use some fresh new ideas for the slumber party and the birthday party. We’ve done water balloon fights, scavenger hunts, relay races, etc. I am looking for some new ideas that her and her friends might like if anyone has any ideas…

My daughter is off to college, what should I turn her bedroom into?

I need to know some good homework help websites for my friends daughter in Fourth Grade.?

My friends daughter is in fourth grade. She sometimes needs homework help so I told her I would find some websites for her to help her. Also I would like to find her some online interactive games that will help her in class. Thank You!-Hotsassygirl

My daughter is turning one and i have no idea what to do for her 1st birthday party or even where to start.I?

I want something very special and intimate.
She is my 3rd child and my 1st daughter and last child!
So I want to make this very special as for my 2 boys I had huge birthday parties the bounce house face painting ETC. And that is definitely not the route i want to go with her birthday.
This time I want something like a birthday dinner but where I am in DFW mid cities/Dallas area In Texas. I have bought her outfit and it is very vintage, comes with a huge headband with flowers and pearls. Please advice!

I need help with my scared daughter?

My daughter is very scared of amusement park rides that go upside down. The amusement park we go to is Lagoon in Farmington, Utah. Do you know of any good upside down starter rides that we could go on together?

If the McCanns killed their daughter Madeleine, how did they do it?

Madeleine’s blood found in the rental car 3 weeks after her disappearance is very weird…

I believe that it’s possible that they killed their daughter, and they should have been suspected since day 1. But is it possible that they hid the body during 3 weeks, and then get rid of it 3 weeks after Madeleine’s death?

My Daughter wants a Mermaid party for her 8th birthday any ideas?

This is not a little mermaid party as she says she is too old for that but she wants mermaids. We do not have access to a pool and there will be 8 kids there. I thought of pin the tail on the mermaid and toss the mermaid pearl(water balloon) but that is all
and i would like 1 or 2 more games. Thanks

My daughter is having a fundraiser for her school, do I give them a check or can I give them money?

I wasn’t sure since this is the first fundraiser I have done. Can I give the school money that I have received from the people, or do I have to give the school a check in full amount?

Should I bring my 13 months old daughter to a playoff game?

Hi, I am lucky enough to have NLCS Giants tickets on the bleachers. Should I bring my 1 year old to the game? I want to have fun with her cheering and clapping. I never been to a playoff game, will the surrounding be too much for a baby? Thanks!

My daughter is having her birthday party at the beach, what are some things we could do for fun?

My daughter is 12 years old and she is inviting 2 of her friends, her sister, and maybe her sisters friend. We have a whole day to spend and I don’t want them to get bored. Help?
My daughter is 12 years old and she is inviting 2 of her friends, her sister, and maybe her sisters friend. We have a whole day to spend and I don’t want them to get bored. This needs an answer fast, her party is on saturday and I need to get things ready. Thanks!
Thanks to everyone who answered and helped me!