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cutting line at amusement park ride?

When waiting for at least an hour for an amusement park ride, doesn’t it grind your gears when a group of 1 or more people cut in line saying that someone is already holding a place for them all the way in the front?

Happened today while I was at Six Flags..every one just gave them the evil glare but didn’t say anything.
I know what pass you’re talking about but this was just regular cutting

Gestamp West Virginia Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Company executives and state officials participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the newest milestone for Gestamp West Virginia. The automotive …

Cutting my own tree down and hitting my house. Is it covered by house insurance?

I was cutting some trees down and bounced one off the house. I’ll have to see if there was any damage; would that be covered by insurance should something be royally messed up or is it tough luck?


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