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How can my fiance and i go about getting custody of his daughter?

Him and the mother of his child were never married, and havent been together since she was 3 or 4 months old. The mother of his child has no residence (bounces from guys houses to friends houses everynight) She has NEVER had a job, and he pays for EVERYTHING, food, clothes diapers wipes, anything and everything she needs, we pay for. we have her almost every weekend so her mother can have “her time”. Everything is if her mother wants…when her mother drops her off to us, she has the worst diaper rash possible (like her diaper hasnt been changed in over a day, open cuts from it) she is always dirty. but when we have her everything is the complete opposite. We have a two bedroom apt where she has her own room, a bed a tv and a million toys. with her mother she sleeps in a PACK AND PLAY EVERY NIGHT! do any of these things matter? her mother neglects her, and she deserves to be happy and healthy. her mother is also now pregnant with another child. i dont know. i just know i need advice. please thank you.

Do we have a chance?

She has:
No home.
No Job.
No Education.
Is pregnant again.
And is under investigation for insurance fraud.

We both work.
We have a two bedroom home.
Shes obviously happier with us.
We live in a stable envirnment.
His daughter is only a year and 6 months old, we have her 12-15 days a month.
we have pics of all the suspicious bruises. and im not actually going for custody, he is, im just his support.

Is this enought to get custody of my grandson?

My son and his fiancee are addicted to prescription drugs. They are always pawning their possession to get money. Both of them work yet they don’t have money to pay their bills. My grandson is now 9 weeks old and he has yet to have any stability. They bounce from my house to her parents house switching every other night. We have proof of pot as well as the prescription drugs. They are not fit to be parents. Is this enough for me to go to an attorney and fight for custody.

Kessler AC360 discussing Michael Jacksons children, their custody and his estate

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