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What dose my rental contract mean? Our landlord sold our house without giving us written notice?

My Landlord never gave us written notice and this is what our contract says
Word for word
Sale of Dwelling ; if owner sells this dwelling or otherwise transfers its ownership to another party, they shall have the right to terminate this agreement by giving Tenant written notice of at least sixty days, not with standing any conflicting occupancy right Tenant might have under a fixed term agreement. Should Tenant have conflicting occupancy rights guaranteed by law, however, those legal rights shall prevail.

So our landlord never gave a written notice and new landlord wants us to sign new contract today. Do this mean we have 60 days to sign a new contract? Do we have any right? We rent month to month.

what do you call a contract between two parties where one is buying a car but will be making payments?

I am writing an agreement/contract for someone who is selling their car to a buyer that will be making payments. What type of contract is that?

Can property management companies that you’ve hired, give you less than a 30 days notice in contract?

I have a contract with a property management company that I’ve always really liked for more than one year, but they have a new employee that’s not showing my rental property like he says he is. He doesn’t show up for showings of the condo to potential renters..etc. If I complain and the property management company decides to cancel my contract with them, is it legal for them to do that without notice?


How can I make my rules legal in a contract?

Our county court commissioner said I can not make rules for my renters,only state rules apply!I had renter sign and initial several places on contract saying they would pay rent and on time,not damage anything,no pets,no extra people moving in,etc, and when I took them to small claims court for damage and moving in a boyfriend(she told me 4 times she would not) having a pet,noise,removing smoke detecters,Having a business(hair cutting) with people in and out all day,water bill went up 80% for 3 mths,I was fed up and gave notice and went to court.Court said I could not make up rules beyond state laws even though renter signed it,it was not legal!!!WHAT? Employers here can send people home without pay for any or no reason,creating much verbal abuse and threats,treating us like children and idiots,BUT I can not make common sense rules for my rental(a very beautiful victorian which I maintain every week and live upstairs)???I am in wisconsin,Thanks
I mentioned employers because states allow them to have any rules they want concerning what an employee can and can’t do or say at work.Why can’t I make them for my business?

Is there a law that a tenant who does not have a signed contract can’t sue the landlord in california?

Can a tenant sue the landlord in a small claims court for the security deposit refund if he (the son) had not signed the rental agreement, only his father had, and the plaintiff is the son only?

Is there some sort of code or contract law related to this?

I want to make up a contract for renting out a party hall. Any suggestions on how to get started?

It would be for wedding receptions, birthday parties, bachelor parties, etc. bartender would be available, kegs available at extra cost. Just need like a sample contract to go by for making one up that looks and sounds professional.

Can a tenant be sued for breach of contract?

I know landlords can be sued for breach of contract, but can tenants or former tenants be sued for breach of contract? Not a breach of a LEASE but a breach of (failure to perform or violation of) some elements listed in a month to month rental agreement. Or is the landlord considered as having an available remedy for rental agreement violations vis a vis his ability to terminate the tenant’s tenancy, thus obviating the need for a breach of contract suit?

Can you evict a person thats not paying rent without a contract?

I have a Mobile Home and the people are not paying the rent.
There is no contract between the parties.
How do I go about getting them out legally

Can I just kick them out and have the police do it or do I have to go through the process of eviction..

What steps should I take to evict roommate who is on a verbal contract? Does he have rights or can boot him?

We are on rental contract with landlord. Roommate is only mentioned as name and age of other persons living in household. We only have verbal agreement with him that he pay 1/2 of rent/month, 1/3 of electric. We helped him out and covered his first month of rent. He has his own bedroom, use of washer, dryer, kitchen, etc. I assumed he would be responsible enough to help buy food or give so much towards food or just have courtesy to say he appreciates our help feeding him and will help best he can. But no. He hasn’t bought more than $15 in 6 mths. All the furniture in his room was ours except computer desk, computer, TV and clothes. He won’t help with house cleaning, does dishes only when every dish and silverware is dirty and I bitch at him. He hasn’t caught up. Behind by month’s rent, the electric and is not being a team member at all. If I want to tell him to go, what steps should I take to properly evict him? There are no written contracts between us. Live in Oregon.

Is a Lease Contract binding if the landlord never signed my copy?

I realized about 6 months ago that my rental agreement was never signed by my landlord. I have mentioned it to her that we needed a signed copy but has yet to do it.. Is the contract even in affect?