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Sikh Contestant Gurpreet Singh Sarin “Turbanator” in American Idol Season 12

Sikh Contestant Gurpreet Singh Sarin “Turbanator” in American Idol Season12 Sikh Contestant Gurpreet Singh Sarin “Turbanator” in American Idol Season12 Sikh …

Kris Allen was the most boring contestant on American Idol, agreed?

Jeez. Talk about putting me sleep. He’s a 23 year old, is married, and from Arkansas. (YAWN) He has an average look, average voice, and no star quality. He should be named Hollister Idol, not American Idol. I seriously do not get what is so fantastic about him. How did such a boring contestant get paired up with the most UNIQUE contestant in the finale?
It’s okay, Adam will make a whole lot more money than Kris will. 🙂

Would you vote for your favorite American Idol contestant if you knew they were an atheist?

Seems like most of the American Idol winners are very proud Christians.

How can i be an American Idol contestant?

I’ve decided to attend American Idol and see if i can be successful in it but i don’t know how. Any ideas?

Out of all of the American Idol seasons who was your favorite contestant?

It doesn’t have to be the winner, just anyone that ever competed on American idol.

How do i send fan mail to American idol contestant Lauren alaina?

She my favorite this season on American idol and I would like send fan mail but don’t have the address. Doesn’t anyone know??

Phillip Phillips American Idol Season 11 2012 contestant on Good Day – Interview + Original Song

Phillip Phillips performing on Good Day just a few months before making it to the 2012 American Idol. Good Day is Albany, Ga’s only four hour morning show and can be found only on Fox 31 WFXL and at “AMERICAN IDOL® and IDOL® 19 TV Limited and FremantleMedia North America, Inc. © 2012 FremantleMedia North America, Inc. and 19 TV Limited. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by FremantleMedia Enterprises. FOX™ Fox and its related entities. All Rights Reserved.”

Fave boy “idol” contestant of 2012?

Who is your favorite boy from american idol? Frommy username i like Heejun. I also like P. Phillips (really cool name too!) and Reed. I hope the girls do good tonight

When will american idol 2012 starts to find the contestant ? And who is the judge ? Thanks?

who were contestant on american idol last night?

on wensday night jan 18 2012