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Pros and cons living in West Virginia?

I’m moving to Morgantown or Charleston, West Virginia [Huntington is a contender, too]. I currently live in Virginia Beach [hate Virginian’s] and am from Indiana, so I know about the two totally different states, cultures, weather.. etc.
BUT, I want to know about West Virginia! I have only driven through Charleston and Morgantown once. They both seemed pretty small.

1]. What festivals do they have that are popular in West Virginia or specific cities?
2]. If you live there or did live there, did you like it?
3]. What’s to do?
4]. What are the pros and cons living in West Virginia?
5]. How are the schools? Is it a good state for kids to live in?
6]. Are there enough parks for the kids? Where can we take the kids to have fun other than parks?
There accents are so heavy so it’ll be really hard for me to pick up on what they’re saying! lol.

Thank you!!
lol SO funny!!! I grew up in Indiana!! Fort Wayne!!!

What’s wrong with video games, pros and cons?

What’s wrong with video games and I want people to really play devils advocate too, why should someone stop. Keep in mind though that if you watch movies or read your wasting just as much time as some one playing games and that makes you a hypocrite.
What’s with this hand eye coordination BS? Oh that’s makes them athletic now? psh!
I don’t play games to make friends, I got real friends.
Wii can be played sitting down!
Desensitizing you to violence can’t be proven, there are just as many scientific studies that prove they don’t.
Music… music? Music?! Too much music? ARE-YOU-HIGH? Music is art.
All day and one answer? I want a debate, this site blows! I learn nothing from one perspective.

Pros and Cons of reporting a car accident to my Insurance Company?

I was involved in a car accident on my way back from work. There was no other parties involved, no one was hurt, and the damage to my car, while moderate, can be fixed. The highway patrol officer did not file a report since no one else was involved and I wasn’t hurt, but still asked me to report it to my insurance company. However, I’m wondering if I’m better off fixing the damage myself and not worry about premiums.
What are the pros and cons (if any) of reporting such an accident? Are there any sides to making an insurance report/claim that I am missing?

Why do cons think a republican will win the white house?

Obama is unbeatable but I don’t see them winning for a long long time.

Mitt Romney is a peeace of cake for the Obama Campaign and the media will have fun bringing mitt to his knees if he even gets that far.

Why are the democrats the party of the big tent and cons the party of hate?

The dnc will show what America is all about with races of all kinds.

At the rnc will be angry hate filled, racist, anti gay, anti everybody cons at their hate rnc rally.

The gop is a sad pathetic party who will go down in flames like they have never seen before.

Based on the pros and cons, do you think I should go to this gathering where my ex boyfriend will be at?

There is a family/friends gathering that is going to go on in a couple weeks. Not very many people will be there. Just a couple families. It will be outside.

I went through a devastating breakup with my boyfriend 6 months ago. I am not over it at all. He has a new girlfriend. There is no way I could look at his profile picture that is of him and her.

He brought her to our easter family/friends gathering last april and a campfire. Luckily I didn’t go because I found out before that she would be there. Most likely the only reason he is bringing her is to hurt me. No one in this gathering EVER brings their significant other unless they are engaged or married.

These gatherings are one of the most important things to me. I still haven’t got over the fact that I missed the last one. I don’t know if he will bring her to this next one but I imagine he will. I feel like since I can’t even look at a picture of them, how would I see them in person? I am still in love with him and emotionally a wreck still. But my dad keeps saying, go and be confident, don’t pay attention to them, look hot and show him whos boss.
The Pros of Going are: To go and look hot, be confident in myself, I can show him that I don’t need him and I can be there where I am supposed to be and not let him get me down. I look forward to these gatherings so much and it would hurt a lot to miss it

The Cons of Going are : Being Emotionally Damaged by seeing them in person and it will be more hurtful to go then beneficial. And it might give him a boost to be able to flaunt the girl in front of me and will benefit him more than me

The pros of not going are: Not giving him the benefit of showing off the girl to me. Having it slap him in his face for me not going for him to get a boost of showing her off. And I won’t be emotionally damaged by seeing them. Me and my mom bring all the fun and games to the gathering and they won’t have much to do without us

The cons of not going are: Not being able to go the gathering makes me really sad. I look forward to them each year. But mostly it is to see my boyfriend and to get fixed up and have fun with that. It won’t be like that this year, so I’m not sure which ways out more


Specs, Pros And Cons Of Apple’s Ipad

Maybe it was bound to happen: after releasing the iPod and iPhone, Apple has recently unveiled another product in its “i” series: the iPad. The iPad is a “tablet computer” whose function greatly resembles Apple’s iPod Touch. Basically, a tablet computer is what it its name suggests: a flat mobile computer with a touchscreen or an electronic pen. Apple plans to release the WiFi version of the iPad in March of 2010, and the WiFi + 3G model during the following month.

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iPad Specifications

Here are some of the key specs of the iPad, which you should know:

Height: 9.56 inches
Width: 7.47 inches
Depth: 0.5 inches
Weight: 1.5 pounds (Wi-Fi)
1.6 pounds (Wi-Fi + 3G)
Screen size: 9.7 inches
Pixel resolution: 1024 x 768
Capacity: 16GB/32GB/64 GB flash drive
Processor: 1 Gigahertz
Accessories: dock, keyboard dock, case, camera connection kit

iPad Pros

1. Look and feel.

One of the main benefits of the iPad is that it has the fantastic look and feel, which it shares with the iPod and iPhone. If you liked how those previous products fit into your hand, then you’ll definitely be pleased with the iPad. The touch-screen interface complements the larger screen well, allowing you to conveniently use the array of iPad applications.

2. Speed.

In this Information Age that we live in, we need a constant flow of information. With the iPad, you can easily surf the Net, open various applications, resize windows, and so on. In fact, users will be delighted at how quickly and easily they can use the cornucopia of applications that the iPad has to offer.

3. iWork.

With Apple’s iWork office suite, work can actually become fun. Whether you need a word processor, spreadsheets, or presentation software, iWork can make your work convenient and convenient. This feature makes the iPad more than a mere gadget for surfing the Net or playing games. Of course, the iPad’s games still remind us of that saying about “all work and no play”.

4. Flexibility.

The iPad basically fuses some of the best elements of the iPhone and laptop computer. For instance, the larger screen provides more applications than you’d have with the iPhone. And whether you want to flip through pictures, music, or video, you can do it much more easily on the iPad, than via a laptop.

iPad Cons

1. No flash video.

With the iPad, Apple has tried to maximize the efficiency of Web surfing and multimedia functions. But one of the results is the lack of flash video embedded in the web pages. You’ll feel that something’s missing in your Web browsing-because it is!

2. Battery life.

The official word from Apple is 10 hours. But if you’re extensively using applications such as video, expect that figure to be significantly lower.

3. Multi-tasking (or lack thereof).

In particular, the IPad lacks a webcam, or even a basic digital camera!

4. Unoriginal name.

You could have guessed its name before Apple supplied it.

Basically, if you were a fan of the iPod and iPhone, then you’ll likely love the iPad. If you’re not one of those people, then the iPad might be an iFlop.