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Max Milner performs ‘Lose Yourself’ / ‘Come Together’ – The Voice UK – Blind Auditions 1 – BBC One

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                </object> It’s The Voice launch night. Music superstars Sir Tom Jones, Jessie J, and Danny O’Donoghue take on the role of coa…

How come a men can make up and excuse when it comes to sex?

But if a women says not to night she is cheating, when we all know it’s the other way around

how do i do a fundraiser that people would come to?

i have an idea for a fundraiser that i think everyone would enjoy but it involves people with talent. i want to be able to raise money for people that need food, clothing, and supplies.

when it learned that the light of moon come from the sun?

How come sometimes when i sing my voice crackles?

How come sometimes when i sing my voice crackles i have a good voice but when it crackles i have to cough to get it beter again or drink water?

What makes your voice come back when you can barely talk?

my voice is very weak and scratchy and i can barley talk. i have to talk in church tomorrow so do you have any suggestions? i feel fine other than my voice. thanks.

Can shoulder harnesses and lap bars on roller coasters come lose during a ride?

I’m a big fan of thrill rides at amusement parks. I live near Six Flags Great Adventure and had a blast there recently. Even though I like super coasters, I’ve been thinking…When your on a ride that has a restraint that is locked in place by compressed air(when the ride operator hits that button which locks them in), such as a shoulder harness or lap restraint, is there any way that this can come unlocked during the ride? I don’t mean the harnesses that are held together by clipping in the additional seat belt, I’m talking specificially about the ones that are used with compressed air when the operator hits the bottom which locks them from being opened. Thanks for your help.

What should i do with my family when they come for Christmas?

Hey everyone!
So I was wondering what I should do with my family for Christmas. Like games that are made up and fun activities to do with the family. I have 3 boy cousins coming and I have a sister. Any thoughts? Just don’t comment like going to movies and stuff cause we already have plans to do that. Any ideas would be great! Thanks!

How come my voice sounds different inside my head?

When I talk I hear my voice in a certain way, and when someone takes a video of me, my voice sounds very different!!! I know it’s not the video camera, because the people I take videos of still sound the same. So does that mean that the way I hear my voice is different to the way others do? Why???

Can I Host A Swingers party at a Hall and charge people to come?

My friend just opened a really nice rental hall and is giving me a couple days a month to put together a couple parties. I want to do something different I was thinking about a swingers party. Legally can you charge people to come or do you have to have them buy a membership to a private club or something like that.