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Fundraisers and Voucher Programs for Schools, Colleges & Universities, Churches & Synagogues

Fundraisers and Voucher Programs for public and private schools, religious organizations, colleges and universities, athletic associations, Parent Teacher As…

Is it legal for community fundraisers, such as United Fund, to give money to Christian churches?

Somewhat Controversial: Do you think it’s fair that churches suck the fun out of Halloween?

I know I should go to R & S but I want to know what other people think and not religious freaks or diehard atheists. I’m a Christian and I truly love and worship Jesus. In my area local [Baptist] churches provide free food, spacewalks, and other games at the church (costumes not allowed). This started in my area about 3 years ago and every year the trick or treaters continue to dwindle. Last year about 25 kids came and this year I only had 9 to ring my doorbell. Its sad because I spend so much on candy and my little brother goes out trick or treating and since most people notice that kids don’t trick or treat anymore they don’t buy candy either. I’m sorry to ramble on but I don’t like that churches are overpowering a tradition. Kids are KIDS they should be able to have fun and dress up like little superheroes and princesses and beg for candy. I can’t force my views on anyone and I’m not trying to I just think that maybe they should offer these types of things other times during the year and not just to distract kids from Halloween. What do you guys think?

Churches plan Easter egg hunts, much more

Churches plan Easter egg hunts, much more
By Kimberly Cascante Correspondent Easter egg hunts, face painting and prizes are only a few of the activities that are taking place at several churches in Gainesville to celebrate Easter.

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