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Pepsi Commercial – (Ft. The Jacksons and Carlton Banks) 1984

This 1984 commercial for Pepsi features a bunch of kids dancing to The Jacksons’ jingle song “The Pepsi Generation”, pretty much a reworked version of Michael Jackson’s 1983 hit song “Billie Jean”. One kid, in particular, is played by Carlton Banks himself, Alfonso Ribeiro from “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. Dressed like Michael, he entertains his pals by dancing like Michael, until he actually moonwalks accidentally into none other than Michael Jackson himself, as well as Michael’s brothers’ and bandmates, The Jacksons, who then dances along with the kids and Michael….. This was directed by Bob Giraldi, who directed Michael’s video for “Beat It”, and was produced for the upcoming 1984 Victory Tour, which reunited all 6 Jackson brothers for the first time since their appearance on the “Motown 25” special a year earlier