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Video 27 — How to Boost Breast Cancer Charity Sports Fundraisers

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Video 27 of 30 videos provided by signashirt Specialties Promotional Fundraisers will teach you How to Boost Breast Cancer Charity Sports Fundraisers. View S…

Thank You to Cancer Research UK Fundraisers!

Ideas for a fundraiser for bone cancer?

we having a fundraiser to raise awareness for bone cancer and I need some ideas for things/food to sell during the fundraiser. I already have the idea to make bracelets or cookies in the shapes of bones. Can anyone think of anything else?

I need help with fundraiser ideas for colon cancer?

I have recently found out that my mom has colon cancer and I am trying to start a fundraiser to help pay for medical bills. I need help coming up with ideas to start a good fundraiser that will help out a lot

Who are Cancer Fund’s street fundraisers?

Hong Kong Cancer Fund employs an in-house team of street fundraisers to serve as our Ambassadors. They are a group of enthusiastic and energetic young people…

If someone wants to start a fundraiser (for a kid who has cancer), can they use the word, foundation also?

This group wants to add foundation in the name of the fundraiser and didn’t want to break any rules if there are any on this and I really couldn’t find anything online. Thanks for your help!
This is for a little boy that goes to the same daycare center as my kids and the daycare is going to be putting together a benefit for him. They want to put foundation in the title, but just wanted to make sure they could do that and didn’t want to break any rules if there were any. Thanks!

I missed my friends fundraiser for Cancer..?

I was in the ER that day. Thing is, she is not very forgiving. Her fundraiser was from 5pm to 9pm, I hurt my back at 2pm and had to go to the ER, then to get my prescription. Which literally took me until 1am until I got home from everything. I couldn’t get a hold of her that day because I didn’t have my cell phone with me so I didn’t have her cell # on me. If I explain all of this to her just like I’m explaining it to you, its going to sound like I don’t care and I just blew her off. The last time we were supposed to hang out I was sick. I feel like the worst friend on the planet and I suck at explaining things and I hate making excuses. Can somebody just give me some advice on how I should explain everything to her without it sounding like I blew her off and and giving her excuses. She has cancer and it was her fundraiser and that is realllyyy important and I really do care about her and wish the best for her. Help please?? Thanks.

different cancer awareness fundraiser?

I am the president of a Cancer awareness club and we need some really cool and unique fundraisers. I need fundraisers aimed for teens. Thanks!

Cancer fundraiser, what should I sell?

Hey, guys!!

So, I’m grouping up with a bunch of friends, and we’re going to try to do some Cancer fundraising in the near future. Our idea, as soon as we get permission from storeowners, our state, our county, the Cancer Research Hospital, and all the other paperwork done, is to set up a table outside local grocery stores and we’d sell things for $1-$20 on the table. I was thinking things like little magnets, little keychains, maybe some water bottles, cute ceramic figurines, etc. That’s all just the small stuff. I’d like to sell some bigger things as well, but I’m worried because we only have a $70 budget to spend on this. So, I’m wondering what else I can sell. Things that won’t be too expensive to get and can be sold for various prices, like T-Shirts. If you were to go up to a Cancer fundraiser and you saw that things were being sold for the cause, what would YOU want to see on that table? What would you want to buy?

Thanks, guys! Wish me luck!!!

Cancer fundraiser ideas?

For the past year or so me and my buddy have been doing fundraisers with the canadian cancer society. We’ve done the standard headshaves. Awhile ago we waxed are legs (i miss my leg hair). Were considering doing some sort of a run next but it doesn’t seem too solid. Anyone have some ideas that they’ve seen done before or just wanna see get done