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5k Foam Fest Canada – 2014

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An easy 5k course filled with fun obstacle courses, inflatable rides and not to mention foam! Highly recommended for those looking into getting into doing so…

CANADA NEW MONEY New Plastic $5 And $10 Bills Debut In Canada

Canada’s new plastic $5 and $10 bills got a stellar welcome Tuesday — literally. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield joined Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and B…

where can i rent a hall for a party in east york, toronto, canada?

Im going hitch hiking through canada to alaska, help!?

what is the best way to get there, what should i bring, and i need advice.

Zorbing / water zorbing in Canada?

I really want to try zorbing or water zorbing but i cant find it anywhere in canada…. maybe someone knows?
ps its when u r inside of a big see-thru ball rolling around either on land or water! so much fun!

Need some fun Canadian Trivia for a dinner party. Anybody have some fun trivia about Canada?

Have a friend who is Canadian. We go to her house every year for Canadian Thanksgiving. We are suppose to bring some fun Trivia. Since almost all of us are Americas we clearly wont know must of it. Anything fun and unusual that maybe she wont know? Thanks in advance.

Showtime Party Band Demo (Ottawa, Canada) 2009-10

Showtime Party Band has an undeniable chemistry and energy that erupts onstage during any given performance. Showtime features professional musicians and vocalists with decades of experience in entertaining a variety of audiences. The Band’s incredibly diverse musical repertoire which includes Motown, R&B, Disco, Latin, Jazz, Top 40 and more, is sure to please all of your guests as well as leave them wanting more. Audio recorded live April 2009, Video recorded May 2010 (by Flash Video Productions)….. enjoy!

Canada Day 2011

The annual Canada Day celebration at Queen’s Park featured a citizenship ceremony that welcomed 30 new citizens followed by 20 fun activities including: a line up of multicultural acts with eight dance performances; a meet-and-greet with beloved kids’ character Shrek; and inflatable rides, crafts, arcade games and a special kids show.

Do I have Third Party Insurance through my car rental agency in Canada?

I recently rented a car through National car rental. At the time i declined the coverages they give you because I am using my VISA card. But now I am wondering what about Third Part Coverage? I checked the paper that i signed and Third Party insurance is not even offered in canada. I called up the agency and they said that the rental company has Third Party Insurance and that I don’t need it. If you check the websites (Canada) you will notice that 3rd Party is not offered in Canada. anyone know where I stand? Do I need to still get more insurance? What if I injure someone, does the agency insurance cover that?

University Pathway Program at ILAC English School in Canada, André- Brazil This is André Macedo from Brazil. After he studied English in Canada at ILAC he was ready to go to Centennial College in Toronto Canada. He is now doing his post graduate in Software Engineering and Technology-Interactive Games.