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Vince Camp. Kendama edit: #messyroomsand #spacewalks

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Just a couple of the tricks I laced during the week, too cold to film outside so I decided to do it in my extremely messy room.

What should I bring to camp…?

I’m going away in 2 days to a summer camp as a lifeguard for about 6 weeks. It’s a family camp and I will be staying in a “dorm” (dont know what that means) with some of the other female lifeguards. I’d like to know if I’m forgetting anything. I already know to bring all the basics (clothing, bug spray, sunscreen, books, toiletries, sleeping bag etc.) but I want to know if there is something that I will probably need that you don’t really think about until you have experienced summer camp, as I have never gone before. One other question: It’s a Christian camp, so I don’t want to bring any movies (I’m buying them on itunes) that are rated anything more than pg, so what are some fun movies that don’t have a lot of swearing/sex/violence? I’m not a prude, I just know some of the people at the camp can be picky about that stuff and was wondering if you have any suggestions. On my list, I only have “penelope” and “finding nemo” so far… thanks!

What Shall i bring to Camp?

Am going to a camp and i don’t know what too bring and it tomorrow am sleeping in a tent i need help quick.


What to bring to cheer camp?

My squad is going to Ohio State University for a cheer camp for three days!! What are some fun EXTRA things we could bring for entertainment and dorms?? btw Anyone ever been there? can you give me some ideas of what we will do?

What should I bring to volleyball camp?

Hi, i’m going to a volleyball camp this week, and I need to know what to bring. Thanks!
it’s a day camp

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Fun/essential things to bring to summer camp?

I’m going to an overnight camp next week for a week. It’s NOT very outdoorsy or adventurous… more laid back and chill. What are some fun things i should bring? Or just things i should pack in general?

things to do at camp!!?

Ok im 17 and im going with my best friend and she is 16 and we are going camping on the 27th for 4 days and we would love to have alot of things to do at camp besides fishing and hiking and we dont want to get bored there so if anyone could please help us out that would be great
and THANKS 🙂

Fun things to bring to camp?

I’m going to camp for the first time and don’t know what to expect! I’ll be sharing a dorm with girls 13-16… Anything fun to bring? Thanks

what to bring to horse camp?

i am going to a 2 week girlscout overnight camp on the east coast and i need too know what too bring. i already have some horsey stuff because i rider