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How to Build a Canopy Tent

Did you recently rent an Atent for Rent canopy tent? Decided to install it yourself? If yes, then this video is for you!

How to build up your voice?

How do you build up your voice to do screamo type music? I’m just curious. Cause it seems difficult. And does it ruin your regular talking voice and singing voice?

How to build a gazebo party tent?

Minecraft Xbox: how to build a bounce house

40th Birthday Party Ideas – Time-lapse of Marquee build through to the night of the party

A great 40th Birthday Party on one of the last days of the summer. We put together the whole event. Marquee, Lighting, Catering including Cocktail Bar. Mobil…

How to build an inflatable Water Park?

I have two children.I want to build a water park for them.But i don’t know how to do it.Can you help me?

How to build a party tent / the making of party tent II

With the experience of party tent 1 and after having read the instructions, here is the second time lapse movie of how i build a party tent. Now just how its…

Is it more dangerous to ride amusement park rides or build them what do you think?

There are many tall amusement park rides like roller coasters etc a lot of people have fears of riding them because they’re afraid they might die. Now my question do you think it’s more dangerous to ride them or build them?

How to build a good singing voice?

Hi. I wanna perform on the third season of the xFactor, but my voice is quite shit. Are there some tricks to develop a great singing voice in, say, a year?

how to build amateur radio communication system?

Please i am looking for some details over this, what equipments are needed and how easy it is to do? what will be its range? and how much cost will it take?