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i broke my toe trying to do the moonwalk?

I was lestening to billy jean on the readio and decided to try the moonwalk but unfortunately my toe broke. What should I do.

WWYD if you suspected your child broke a bone?

at the beginning of the birthday party?

The birthday party is for your 2 and 4 year old, their birthdays are only a few days apart. The party is at your mother’s house and at the beginning of the party your 4 your old is in the bounce house and comes out babying his arm. You suspect it is broken- what would you do?
Wait until after the party?
Leave the party and take the 4 year old to the hospital?
Let me clarify… this isn’t me… I don’t have children.

The party is for your children, and there are plenty of competent adults in your family at the party if you need to leave.

A rented snowball machine broke. Shouldn’t I be reimbursed for the ice I bought too?

I rented a snowball machine from a local Party Rental store for my son’s birthday. Within an hour of using the machine, it broke. It actually wouldn’t turn off and then started smoking. From the tag on the machine, I can see that it’s about 20 years old. The company has agreed to reimburse me for the machine rental. But shouldn’t I be reimbursed for the $100 I spent on ice for the machine? Is there other action I can take to be reimbursed?

complicated situation, broke up but she really wants space what to do?

So me and my ex just broke up, we lived together and lived together for about 7 months, we work together, and everything, about 2 months ago she started acting slightly different, more distant, more cold… stopped being really affectionate and being the cute girlfriend that i liked, i mentioned it to her and she tried to “fix” it but went back to it after about a week, and she seemed depressed and i kept nagging and nagging her, probably my fault for being up her *** but i dont want to be around someone like that, and not be able to do anything, so i started doing more and being more sweet and trying to figure stuff out to bring the fun out of her, i thought it was me being crazy, she isn’t like hooking up with guys now but its over, some close friends of ours have talked to her and she said that maybe in the future we’ll get back together but for now she wants space and time, some people told me she is saying that to make me feel better, i just dont want her finding someone else and then completely forgetting about me, i sacrificed so much for her and thats why im so attached, i’ve done so much for this girl and now she just wants space and not to be smothered, idk if i should just give her the space and maybe she’ll come back, but honestly im not sure, i have like a 20% faith that we might get back together but she wont tell me that its 100% over, i bought her a promise ring and a necklace prior to our break up, in the car ride when we officially broke up she took it off and said take it, after i was moving things out of her apartment she went out to the car we shared and took the necklace and the ring and other belongings that she had in the car, i wasn’t around to see this, i contacted her after the fact and ask her why she took them, she said because she wanted them and put them in her lock box (box of memories), im kinda pissed about this because she told me to take them as if she didn’t want them and then took them back when i wasn’t even looking, does it mean she actually wants something to hold on too or being a materialistic *****. im sorry im just a little angry at the moment, people have told me to just completely ignore her and not talk to her for a complete month or so and she will realize how much she misses me, im not too sure, we work together so i cant just pretend like this doesnt bother me, and on top of losing my gf i feel like ive lost my best friend, i dont have anyone to really call my best friend, and so im honestly so bored and she is bored too but wants her space, i got in a car reck a couple of days ago and i feel like the only reason why she is talking to me now is because of it. she wouldnt say 2 words to me outside of work, and we were fighting one day on the phone and i asked if she missed me, and she said she does, but still wants her space, not sure on what to do, and im sorry im all over the place i would just like some advice and some seriousness, obviously you dont know her and you dont know me, but i guess at this point i cant think with my heart anymore and logic seems to be the only thing left, please help ill answer questions too! thanks for listening internet.

‘Young, Broke & Beautiful’ visits New Orleans

‘Young, Broke & Beautiful’ visits New Orleans
Is New Orleans the best “Young, Broke & Beautiful” city in America?

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Jump Jive and Wail (around): Hannah broke it!

these kids + a bounce house = TROUBLE! lolz!

Funny! his x cheated on him in the house they bought together they broke up, They fight over the house and he?

he stays in the basment, but dumped five thousand dollars in it so it could be liveable, Him, her and the sister inlaw spit the mortage, the x wife takes off and goes on a vacation gives him a check to pay her share, Funny the check bounced, not once but twice. Why would anyone take a check from a person twice if it bounced the first time.

Paying For College Without Going Broke

An eCourse to help parents and students learn the ins and outs of the financial aid process and how pay for college without going broke or spending their lifes savings.
Paying For College Without Going Broke

Man charged in iPad theft that broke victim’s pinky

Man charged in iPad theft that broke victim’s pinky
DENVER – Authorities have officially charged a man accused of injuring a man while stealing a brand new iPad from him at the Cherry Creek Shopping Center earlier this month.

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