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Should I move a date of my party because of thunderstorms?

I am going to have a party Saturday. I have a moonwalk (All-in-1 Sports Arena).
It is from 2-7pm.
I looked on the weather report, and it says isolated thunderstorms (30% chance precip) until 4, and then scattered thunderstorms (40% chance precip) the rest of the day. I live near Worcester, Massachusetts.
Should I change the date? Do the party? Or any other suggestions?

Should I move out because there are 3 families of Puerto Ricans in a 1 bedroom apartment?

They moved in last year and are having late night parties and playing their Latin music half the night. Also, the rental agent who also is PR told them that they are not allowed to have a dog. They seem to break all the rules and don’t care.

can I break my lease because our parking garage is extremely unsafe?

Our apartment complex is located above some small retail shops, and parking is extremely limited. Tenants are forced to park in a parking garage which is very risky business. A – this is supposed to be a gated community with gate arms that prevent people who do not live in the neighborhood from getting in. B – people have broken the gate arm (when it has been closed that is) 4 times now. This apartment complex has only been open 4 months, and the gates have only been closed for about a week total time. In addition, it’s extremely difficult to drive around corners and just drive in this garage period because it is so narrow. It is so easy to get into a head on collision because it is so narrow, and dumb kids have all these parties so people that aren’t technically allowed to park in the garage park there anyway. It’s a breach of security into the building, especially because the interior doors which lead into the community from the parking garage are also now broken because kids who don’t live here don’t have the keys to get in, so they just break the doors.

Could i break the lease because the property had foreclose ?

I just found out that the rental property that we are leasing has foreclosed . we live here for 22 years i want to move they never sent out letter ,nothing.

How to stop eating just because i’m bored?

I’m a little overweight, and this summer i wanna lose weight. I don’t eat healthy all the time, but most of the time i do eat healthy. Whenever i try a diet, it usually only works a little. My main problem is that whenever i’m bored- i eat! I’m not even hungry, eating just gives me something to do. So, how can I stop eating all time? Also I’ve started a daily exercise routine, so i’m serious about losing weight this summer. I just need to stop over eating!!

Will parents be cancelling amusement park plans with their kids this summer because of gas?

By the time school is out for the summer, gas will probably be $4.50 a gallon. Will parents be cancelling plans to take their kids to amusement parks this summer on account of that? I’ve already cancelled my plans to go to Cedar Point with my friends. I’m graduating high school this year.

Is it okay for older kids to wear diapers to the amusement park because of the long roller coaster lines?

Next weekend our family is going to six flags. My 10 year old son approached me with an advertisement for something called underjams. They’re made for bedwetters, but he wants to wear them to six flags because of the long lines. He doesn’t want to lose his place in line because he has to pee. Is this a good idea? I know that some of the rides are scary and especially with a full bladder, it can be a problem. His 8 year old brother also wants underjams. Should I buy them for them?

When people scream on roller coasters, is it because they’re afraid of heights?

Is fear of heights the main reason people (especially teen and younger girls) scream on roller coasters and other amusement rides? Or is it some other reason?

I’m afraid of heights, so that’s the reason I scream. I have never been on an airplane, for that reason. If I’m scared to ride a big roller coaster, I can’t imagine myself on an airplane!

Did god make the moon because he was too lazy to make a nightlight for us?

Doesn’t it seem kinda lazy to bounce sunlight off of an asteroid and pretend it’s a little sun? I guess he really wanted that seventh day off.

My friends got mad at me because I wouldnt kiss them?

I was at a party the other day and it was all girls. We were in a tent. Well my other friends started kissing and making out. I didn’t want to. Idk why. It just kinda grossed me out seeing my good friends like that. They got really mad at me and didn’t talk to me for the rest of the night and haven’t said a word to me since. What do I do?