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Where can I get cheap rentals for my wedding in the Los Angeles area?

Help! Need an arch for a quinceanera party for Nov.this year.Pasadena/Houston Texas area. :D?

Our party was affected by Hurricane Ike now we can’t find an arch for the hall. If anyone knows where we can find one that would be great! Thanks!!!
Thanks so much for your answer.We have found one.My sister just moved and noticed that a couple of houses down there were arches and podiums as well as chairs out in someone’s yard with a sign that read,” Arches and other party rentals”. The lady was very nice and decided to donate extras. THANKS!!! 😀

Best Amusement Park in the VA, Maryland, PA Area?

Looking to go to an Amusement Park, the kids want water adventure rides while my boyfriend and I love roller coasters.. Any suggestions?

Why do americans still think the moon landings where real and not staged at area 51?

yes area 51

does anyone know where i can rent Elmo for a birthday party i live in the NYC area?

Bounce House Rentals ~Roseville, Sacramento Area – Inflatables & Moonbounce In Sacramento, CA they are known by many names: fun jumps, bounce house, moonwalks, jumpers, bouncers or even a …

Surprise Bday party. Rental house/Apt/Condo a day in VA or WA dc Area?

Hi, I am planning to do a surprise party for my boyfriend for his 21st Bday.. I don’t really have a place to do the surprise party at so im looking for a rental house or condo or a room for a day.. Just anything our friends can go drink and hang out in…It would be in the northern VA or WA dc area.. Im not sure if this is a good idea yet and its still tentative.. And his bday isnt till march next year but i am just looking into my options. If anyone has a better idea please do let me know. THanks

party bus rental in the orlando area?

i can’t find any party bus rental companies that have really cool party buses in the orlando area. any help would b amazing…we need it for prom and any suggestion would be gladly appreciated 🙂
ours is april 25

Where can I have an Outdoor Wedding Reception In the Michgan thumb area?

I would love to have an outdoor (under an tent) wedding reception in Michigan. I prefer the thumb or detroit area. Does anyone have an idea where? I heard that if you have a wedding in a state park then you cannot serve alcohol.

Where’s the best place for fireworks in Temple/Belton, TX Area?

New to the area, just moved in on the 4th of July, and the family would like a break. Where’s a good place to watch the fireworks? Does Lake Belton have a good spot?