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close call on the tracks (complete story on AC360)

Is there a way I could use something similar to the iPad page-turning effect as a Powerpoint transition?

I have Powerpoint 2007, and I think most of the transitions are lame. I want to do a page-turning effect, like you see when you turn a page on the iPad. Obviously there’s no option for this under Powerpoint, but is there an add-on or a way this can be created?

AC360 – Kids On The Reality Of Bullying

Anderson Cooper talks with 8 teens and their first hand experience on bullying.

Apple – iPad – iPad is Delicious

iPad isn’t just one thing. It’s thousands of things. Go to and learn exactly what makes iPad so magical and revolutionary.

Kessler AC360 discussing Michael Jacksons children, their custody and his estate

AVrated KSS Family Law is one of the largest firms in the Southeast focusing solely on Family Law. Our attorneys have received the highest honors including selection to the lists of Georgia’s Top 100 Lawyers and Super Lawyers and to positions of leadership in the Family Law Sections of the American, Georgia and Atlanta Bar Associations. Our thirty lawyers and staff work as an effective team to fully serve our clients.

News: Ubi’s Detoc compares Kinect to iPad

News: Ubi’s Detoc compares Kinect to iPad
Wants Ubi to be biggest third-party on it. Ubisoft’s North American boss Laurent Detoc has said his company wants to be the largest third-party supporter of Kinect, which he likens to Apple iPad in terms of its allure. “It’s our intent to be the biggest third-party publisher on that machine,” Detoc told Gamasutra. Detoc was speaking at an event in San Francisco devoted solely to Ubisoft’s Kinect …

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Best iPad App – Uzu – – – – This is absolutely the coolest iPad app I’ve ever come across. Heck, it’s likely the most awesome app for ANY device – ever. Uzu is a free app for the iPad that lets you create an interactive fireworks show! Uzu is a kinetic multitouch particle visualizer. Oh, wait… it’s no longer free. I hope you were following me on Twitter and Facebook when I announced that it WAS free… could’ve saved you some money. *ahem* http

RE: Confederate History Month Debate on AC360 2

News: Citytv releases video streaming app for Canadian iPad users

News: Citytv releases video streaming app for Canadian iPad users
Canadian television network Citytv has launched an official application for watching streaming network content on the iPad. Citytv Video works over both Wi-Fi and 3G connections and provides free, ad-supported access on-demand to popular prime-time content such as Modern Family, Biggest Loser, Cougar Town, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother and more. Users can view both full-length programs or short …

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AC360 Raw Politics

President in Peril?