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A Lesson From American Idol on Becoming a Famous Singer: 4 Myths to Avoid in Attaining Music Stardom

On each season of American Idol thousands of dedicated singers out there are given the opportunity to attain stardom. Even if they don’t pass the audition stage, they’ve benefited from the practice, and the singers that get into the later rounds have instant celebrity status and are often sought out by record labels. However, American Idol can be dangerous if the singer possesses the wrong beliefs about the music industry and what it takes to become successful. Unfortunately, it seems that many do, and this mindset can lead to disastrous results, as we often see first hand on Idol. The following are four commonly held myths about becoming a star in the music industry that you need to avoid if you’re serious about making it big.

Myth #1: Success happens overnight.

The first danger is the misconception that success in the music industry happens just that fast. Success in American Idol is by far the rare, rare exception. Singers start to believe that this is the path to take to become successful, and if it isn’t by way of American Idol, they’ll find other contests that will propel them to fame and fortune overnight.
This is like believing the path to financial success comes from buying the winning lottery ticket. While of course this is true for the lucky few, most people realize that this is no way to plan for your future. So as a singer, don’t count on the short term score. Hone your craft and plan for long term success.

Myth #2: Anyone can be a singer.

We’ve all seen the American Idol auditions where a so called “singer” comes in and starts howling a song in no apparent key. Where do they get the idea that they’re singers? Is it from family and friends? They’re no friends if they let you embarrass yourself on national TV without first being honest about your lack of singing ability.

And do you see how the judges are laughing? Are we to feel bad because now the “singer” is crying because this was their dream? Sorry, no pity here. Why don’t people realize that really becoming a singer requires years of hard work? You don’t wake up one day and decide you’re a gifted piano player or a surgeon, so why a singer? When a person decides 3 months before the American Idol auditions that they want to become famous, and that singing is the easiest way to do it, they insult the craft and everyone who has worked hard for years to attain a certain level of skill.

Myth #3: National fame and fortune is the only way to have a career in music

While this is what everyone wants of course, there are many other opportunities for singers who have talent, a passion for music and work hard NOW towards constantly improving their vocals skills. (Notice here that I said that they WORK HARD NOW, not that they are willing to work hard if they are chosen) There are independent labels, self releases, and numerous other ways to make a living doing what you love most, even if you never become a household name.

Myth #4: You either have it or you don’t

So many people seem to think that singing is something that either you’re born with, or not. So the American Idol auditions have so many people thinking that maybe they have what it takes, like they’re holding a raffle ticket that may be called. Once again, it doesn’t work that way. You might be born with a beautiful tone to your voice and you may love singing and have a unique approach. But without years of hard work to develop your talent, it will be worth nothing! The same thing applies to any career and every successful person in any walk of life. Is there an athlete on the planet that can compete on a professional level without the grueling workout schedule their competitors endure? No, talent alone is just the beginning. Then comes the hard work.

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Arty has been producing and engineering music in New York City for over 25 years and has worked on over 1,000 records. Soon after his band recorded with RCA in the early 80’s, Skye pursued a career as a recording engineer and music producer. His level of technical excellence and his creative musical talent quickly placed him amongst New York’s top engineer/producers, earning him numerous Platinum and Gold records!

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