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What are some fun things to bring on a school trip?

My dance team is going on a school trip pretty soon and my roommates and I are trying to think of really fun stuff to bring. One of my friends is even bringing strobe lights so we can have random dance parties. Haha(: Anyways, we are just trying to think of lots of fun things to bring on our trip and we were wondering if anyone had any really cool ideas of what to bring. Also, snack ideas and stuff do to on the plane trip over would be really appreciated. Thanks!
PS: please don’t tell us about not bringing stuff on this trip because we won’t have time to do anything on a school trip or anything like that.. we just want some ideas!

Young Dancers go on a boat trip and have a birthday party

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road trip fun?

im going to michigan on an 8 hour road trip one way and i need some help on some ways to have fun so i wont get bored on the road trip

Fun things to bring for a camping trip?

my cross country team is going camping tonight and im bringing the basic stuff like the tent and all of the supplies (i was the only one on the team whos going that had all the camping stuff lol) but im trying to thing of fun stuff to bring like games etc. im bringing my eno hammock and a board game or two but any one else have any fun ideas on what we can do?
thanks :)
God bless XD

I am going camping will be taking children. This will be the first camping trip. Any suggestions?

children ages range from 6-17 need to know what type of games food ect…

High school trip fundraisers ideas???????

Alright, my AP Eurpoean history class is going on a trip this spring to london and paris, and we need to do some fundraisers for it. as for being in a small town in wisconsin we need something fun and creative, because a lot of organizations do the whole selling cookie dough…etc. soooo any ideas would help.

Fundraiser Ideas For Senior Trip?

What kind of fundraisers are pretty good ways to raise money?

We are going to Hawaii and we need to make moneyyy.

We already did a car wash.
What other ideas can we do?

How to Plan a Fundraiser for a Field Trip to Disneyland?

I always want to Disneyland with my classmates but I don’t know how much it would cost for the tickets and I’m not good on planning fundraisers. Do you know what good ideas for a fundraiser can be useful?

A Trip Through Sissonville, West Virginia

Don’t forget to sign the petition at This is drive through Sissonville on Route 21, the main road that goes through Sissonville. …

How much does it usaully cost for a trip to Disney land?

I want to know the average cost for a trip to Disney land for a week including car rental,Disney land tickets,air line tickets,and a week at a Disney hotel.when I looked up everything the total was $4,570 but that sounds like to much.
Sry for the Orlando mistake I know it’s in Anaheim