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Flying Chair rides/amusement flying drop tower

When you upset, you should play flying chair rides(also called flying drop tower), when you flying on the sky, you will forget any vexation, meanwhile you ca…



Is the Superman Power of Tower really a safe ride?

Is the Superman Tower of Power really a safe ride at Six Flags St.Louis?

Drop Tower Jumping Frog,Amusement Kiddie Thrilling Rides Quality Test

Drop Tower Jumping Frog,Amusement Kiddie Thrilling Rides for 6 kides to rides at one time.Custom made model is acceptable. more rides to visit our web: www.B…

What does ziplining feel like? .. Is it as bad as the Tower of Terror or does it not tickle your stomach?

as much as a roller coaster. I get a bit queezy on amusement park rides, would ziplining give you that same feeling, or is it any better?

Minecraft: Rides w/ UgoCraft | Launched Freefall / Drop Tower

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Aloha Tower Fireworks

July 3 show, from Pier 14

Ham radio tower

OZ7SAT cool set up of towers for vhf uhf work by the looks of it, very nicely set up for ease of maintenance.

Windsor Tower Parking Lot

Inflatable Games

Image taken on 2007-08-04 12:03:33 by thecourtyard.

Is there something wrong with me concerning tower rides and rollercoasters at amusement parks?

Sorry for the long read, but I give 10 points to thorough answers, so please read and help me.

Ok, I used to love tower rides and rollercoasters when I was young (8-12 yrs old). I’ve been to the Tower of Terror at Disney and Dr. Dooms Freefall at Universal, and almost every (if not all) rollercoaster at those parks. And I mean I didn’t have to LOVE the ride to go on it, I just needed the courage. I had that courage when I was young, but I haven’t been to an amusement park recently… I am 16 yrs old. I’d ride many different rides if I went to a park anytime soon.

But for some reason, I don’t think I have the courage to go on a tower ride again. And not only that, but even though I’d have the courage to go on a rollercoaster, I feel so extremely nervous when in the seat waiting for the ride to start. After the ride I would have had fun! But I hate the nervous feeling before. Is that normal that I’m nervous? How about not wanting to ride tower rides?

One more thing: I went on the Superman ride at SixFlags New England some times. It has tall, steep dips, and I feel like I react strangely to them. I would hold so very tightly on the bars (since there’s no shoulder straps that would make me feel more comfortable), and I sometimes close my eyes tight and clench my teeth. I feel very tense (and not to mention very nervous as the coaster goes up at the beginning). Is that even normal?

I just want to be able to enjoy rides again :(