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describe three benefits of playing moon basketball in an enclosed pressurized building?

give three challenges as well. Tell three benefits and three challenges of playing moon basketball outside.

NASA astronauts undertake the second of three spacewalks performing maintenance on t

NASA astronauts undertake the second of three spacewalks performing maintenance on the International Space Station.

Three questions about the concert fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy?

Why didn’t the rockers put a concert together for the Katrina victims? Are they racist?

That part of the country supported Obama in his re-election. Why isn’t Obama taking care or them? Did anyone else not give to their fundraiser since they supported Obama in his re-election?

What new songs should three thirteen girls sing for a Children Fundraiser Talent Show?

If its country that’s great!!!! But if its not that’s good too!!!!! Its for a children fundraiser, so it has to be “appropriate”, if u guys could help me out that would be awesome!!!!!! We are drawing a blank!!!!!!

How much would it cost for two adults and three children to go to the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando?

Please include hotel and transportation( maybe rental) fees as well as time periods:) we like to take or time in amusement parks

Is it legal to rent three seperate places to three seperate party but only have two mailing address?

The property is a main house and two guest houses. All three to different people. I also think he has the property listed as owner occupied single family residence, where can I can I go to check on this?

What are some pool games to play with three people?

they are all difrent ages.
for a swimming pool

Astronauts start first of three spacewalks

NASA astronauts Danny Olivas and Nicole Stott began the first of three spacewalks to help ready the $100 billion International Space Station for full-time science operations.

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How can I make three million dollars quickly?

I saw an expensive house and want to buy it soon, and pay cash. I need to make 3 million dollars and don’t want a loan. Are there any work at home websites that will make me an instant millionaire?

If you can’t tell, no I’m not an idiot. I’m trying to make fun of the many “I need to make money quickly” posts I see.