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Coach-Check: Team Marc – The Voice of Switzerland 2014

Die Blind Auditions sind vorbei und die Teams komplett. Jeder Coach hat zehn Talents im Team. Doch wie gut kennen diese ihren Coach wirklich? Bevor es mit de…

Team Fundraisers Ottumwa IA | (877) 636-5022

Team Fundraisers Ottumwa IA | (877) 636-5022 Party Time Fundraising has been helping schools, athletic organizations, and churche…

What is a creative name for our fundraiser Walk Team?

A group of us are walking in a fundraiser walk in honor of my daughter who has a heart condiditon. We need a creative team name that uses her name which is Evie (ee-ve). Like Evies energetic walkers or something like that.

Who would win this game, the Cleveland Browns or a team…?

of eleven inflatable Tommy Brady dolls?

What is a good fundraiser to do for a girl’s soccer team?

My daughter’s soccer team is in need of funds for tournaments and training and are looking for an unique fundraiser that doesnt involve direct sale of items. The girls are 12-13 year old. Has anyone done a fundraiser that raised a fair amount of money and that the team could all participate in?

What is a cute name for a dance team fundraiser selling jewelry and baked goods?

My daughter’s dance competition team is having a fundraiser and we are looking for a cute name. It will be like a big Lia Sophia jewelry party with baked goods for sale. We were thinking “Cupcakes and Cocktails” but decided against it since we don’t want to serve alcohol. We are looking for something cute. Thanks

Can I do an Otis Spunkmeyer fundraiser with out being part of a large group, like a school or sports team?

I’m planning on going on my second People to People trip next year, (Australia!), and I would like to try doing an Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraiser.

My son’s Tball team season is over. We are having a party for them at the park there ages are 3-5.?

My responsibility is to bring them something to do like game or something. The suggetions ive gotten are bring some balls (nerf footballs, those big balls from walmart, little CHEAP waterguns) anything else
its like 11 boys and about 3 girls on the team.

what are some good fundraisers for a cheerleading team in need of money?

we are a highschool cheerleading team and are looking to going to many competitions. we need some ideas about some fundraisers or how to raise money. we have already sold cookie dough and we have been tagging at places. any good ideas?

Minecraft Wars – Team Digital Brits [Ep. 5]

Yes, so as you may have noticed this is not the full battle episode! We have been having some problems filming (we want to make it absolutely perfect and awesome for you guys) but we also wanted to upload something for you guys! Hope you enjoy it! (and the awesome cinematics!) The next part will be coming soon! ◄ Episode 4: ► Episode 6: Visit Team Flurblewe’s Island: Forum Thread: Enjoy the voice-acting? Visit the voice-actor here: _______________________________________________________________ ► Follow us on multiple forms of media: Subscribe – Twitter – ► Watch our other videos: ► If you enjoyed watching the video, please don’t forget to comment, rate and subscribe! ► Like the music featured in the video? Check it out here: