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Stanley Cup & BOSS Summer Fun

Inflatable Games

Image taken on 2013-06-28 11:19:32 by US Army Garrison Red Cloud – Casey.

summer water party ideas ?

i am going to be 16 in July and was just thinking about party ideas and decided a water party would be a great idea but i need some more ideas like games we can do and fun activities that are water related other than the obvious water fight.
any ideas will be great !

Things to do in summer?

My best friend and I are making a list of things to do in summer and we need ideas! We’re 14. We need fun things.. like lemonade stands or like things you see on tumblr. :)

Im a dj at a roller skating rink i need good ideas for games to do this summer also to play on rollerblades?

And it has to be for inside

Who is going to A amusement park this summer?

Do you have A favorite ride?

I am making a list of things to do this summer, any ideas?

I’m graduating this year, June 10, and I want to do alot this summer. Ive made a list already but anymore ideas??? Im big on camping, canoeing, cookouts, bon fires… I also wrote down, movie nights, going for walks at sunset/rise, all the summer sports, sign up for ZUMBA classes, make a picture book/collage my summer, write in my jurnal every day to remind me of this summer, lie in bed in the morning with the windows open and music playing while the warm breeze blows through, bike riding, buy an inflatable paddling pool, fill it with water and go down the river… car rides (as long as i can afford gas) water gun/ balloon fights,burn a cd of my life’s music as a sound track, car wash, sleep under the stars,set off fireworks, mini golf/golf, I want to do all the things i used to do as a kid like use sidewalk chalk, etc… I wanna try Zorbing, slip n slide, egg toss, play charades, go to a thrift store, bowling, fishing, over night movie marathon outside with a sheet and a projecter, go berry picking, stay at a hotel for a night with friends, makeovers with friends, facials, have a bbq, stay up all night, get a deck of cards and play all the card games we can think of, tan, girls night out, sleep in but not often cause i dont want to waste away the summer, photoshoot, go paddle boating, horse back riding, swim at night and a water fun drive by!!! lol… yes, some of these might me immature but i really dont want to grow up yet and i want to have as much fun as i can this summer, its the last one i will have as a kid:)
oops and i ment watergun drive by

Summer 2011 Youth Fundraisers

What type of items can I send to the deployed troops overseas this summer?

I know the temperatures in Iraq can reach well into the 100′s F. What is safe to send and will not melt.

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If your the average teen- what do you or did you do in in your spare time during the summer? What were your?

- days like? Were they boring or exciting? Did you travel anywhere? Do anything fun like movies, bday party etc? What about your nights? Did you stay up and how long?