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Interactive Games at the New Student Convocation at Olive-Harvey College

Professor Elizabeth Whitehead (Reading) explains an interactive game she and her colleagues used for the New Student Convocation at Olive-Harvey College. The…

Are there any fundraisers for an individual student?

I am a senior in high school and wanting to earn money for college through fundraisers. The only fundraisers I seem to be finding are those for groups like churches, clubs, etc. Are there any fundraisers (things I can sell) for an individual high school/college student?

I need a name for my Student Money Management Center’s new interactive game.?

Hello Everyone,

I work for a university and it is financial literacy week. I need a name my Student Money Management Center’s new interactive game that will teach students how to be financially smart!


Thanks for all input!

looking for a student rental in Myrtle Beach?

party house, that sleeps anywhere from 6 to 12 people, near the attractions and clubs of myrtle beach.
Where can i find such a!

What were some of the fundraisers you did for People to People Student Ambassadors?

I am hopefully going next summer to China. I really want to go so no posts on how dangerous or that’s a bad program. I’ve already researched it. Thanks for all your input. Multiple fundraisers greatly appreciated. And also places to do it at would also be great.

Where is a website that you can play a game that you are a Hogwarts student?

That or can you make that game.

What should a student who goes to Middle School bring on first day of school?

What thing does a middle school student have to bring to school on first day of school? Does he/she have to bring his/her laptop?

What is a good song to sing for a high school student?

Ok so I have a very versitile voice I can sing anything from classical to belty musical theater to pop to rock and country and I can also sing alternative. So I was looking for a song that people will lovebut is also a little diffrent. Ps I have about a five octave range so like the high note at the end of Seasons of Love is fairly easy for me.

Organization wants to have a fundraiser to help out college students in student loan debt?

One of our college student’s in our organization wants to sew scarfs to sell as a fundraiser to help as many other college students in debt, at the University of Texas, as possible. For every scarf sold the proceeds would go to students who are in $20,000+ of debt, would you purchase a $5 scarf? Why or why not?

vacation idea for single student?

Hey people.
I want to go on vacation and the chances are that i will be going allone. Im 21 years old and i want a relaxing and safe vacation. I want to know a company where who offers single vacation.

I dont want to go to meet other people (relationship). Im not a guy who likes party, drink or those kind of things.

I just want some nice place, to relax with other friendly and nice people. I planning to go for new years. Im from Netherlands… and hope you could help me out.