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Nuno Ribeiro – “Stay with Me” Sam Smith – Final – The Voice Portugal

Subscreve o nosso canal do “The Voice Portugal” Mais do The Voice Portugal:…

Malia Sings Stay | The Voice Kids Australia 2014

Malia gave a superstar performance of Rihanna’s Stay. Go to for more news, videos and backstage galleries.

Carly Yelayotis Sings Stay | The Voice Australia 2014

Carly rocked Rihanna’s hit. Go to for more news, videos and backstage galleries.

Josh Kaufman: “Stay with Me” (The Voice Highlight)

Looking to advance to the next round, Josh Kaufman covers Sam Smith’s “Stay with Me.” Subscribe to The Voice: » See The Voice Tour Live…

Delvin Choice: “Let’s Stay Together” (The Voice Highlight)

Looking to head to the live rounds, Delvin Choice sings the soul classic, “Let’s Stay Together.” Subscribe to The Voice: » Get more of …

Any suggestions for fun games to play with a crawler?? He loves reading but I stay at home and want more 2do!?

Stay at home moms! What do you do during the day to keep yourself entertained?

Im just looking for suggestions on how to keep from going stir crazy! lol
My daughter is two years old and we stay home, every day, just me and her.
As of right now, we only have one car in which my husband uses to go to work. He works 12 hr shifts. So we are literally alone all day, and I feel like maybe I need to change things up to keep from going crazy.
Usually I have the tv on, all day long! I feel like its such a time waster but I’m at a loss of things to do.
Any suggestions will be helpful! Thanks!

are there any cabins in the pigeon forge/gatlinburg tennessee area for rent without a 2 night minimum stay?

I’m trying to find a cabin for May in the pigeon forge/gatlinburg tennesse area that would allow me to book for only one night and i can’t find one for some reason! Everywhere i check online has a minimum stay of 2 nights. I just want to have an awesome bridal shower/bachlorette party for my friend and i can’t find anything! ugh! please, help!

What hotel is good to stay at in new orleans? What is there to do?

Its going to be my birthday in 2 months and i want to go to new orleans. Where should I stay and what is there to do?

I’m going to New Orleans for the first time and need a nice place to stay. Any ideas?

I’d like to be close to the French Quarter and Bourbon Street but don’t want to spend too much money. Also any ideas on what to do besides drink and party?