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During the Apollo Moon landigs, special mirrors were left behind…?

Are they still usable?
(excuse my spelling)
The second chief experiment in the Apollo 11 science package was the Laser Ranging Retro-Reflector, or LRRR. Roughly one foot square, the LRRR was a configuration of specialized mirrors that possessed the property of always reflecting light in the same direction as its source. The reflector was set up about 16 feet (5 meters) from the solar-powered seismic recorder. Resting on the lunar surface it resembled an oversize hotplate with a shiny top. It would be used to reflect laser beams sent from Earth in order to make very precise measurements of Earth-Moon distances. Although the moon is on average about 238,000 miles (385,000 kilometers) away from Earth, using this method, scientists can measure the Earth-moon distance to an accuracy of about 1 1/4 inches (3 centimeters).

Pittsburgh Police Commander and Special Olympics PA Athlete Discuss Upcoming Fundraisers

Commander Scott Schubert and Special Olympics PA athlete Chris Jagielski talk to KDKA 2 about some upcoming Law Enforcement Torch Run events including the 6K…

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how to entertain a special needs boy?

I want to find a fun indoor activity asside from tv that he can enjoy. He is 17 but his mental ability is close to a 2 year old in some ways. He has poor small motor skills and doing projects like puzzles, interactive touch games, and bored games, basically anything but wathcing his favorite shows is a chore for him. My boyfriend has been playing hide and seek with him which he loves but we cant always be running around the house yelling and tickling him, and all the fun out door activities are difficult because it is too cold! Anyone have any ideas?!?!?!?

Did michael Jackson have special black shoes to moonwalk with?

I was wondering if he had different type of black shoes or he did something to them?

Could a special mirror be placed on the moon so that people shining a laser on it can get a reflection back?

….NOT perpetually, of course: it could be made to reflect only on command on “special” nights, otherwise it could be bothersome: maybe it couldn’t be possible due to the atmosphere dissipating the laser light…..

What to SPECIAL thing to do during a sleepover?

My birthday is nearing, so what could i do along with 8 of my friends. My parents agreed to have a sleepover at a hotel. i want to do something different, no makeovers or pillow fights or truth or dare! my other option is watching super scary horror movies.

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