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Something wrong with my voice?

how come wen i speak regularly i can hear my voice fine
but if your record it with a cam then it sounds totally different.
why? and which one is my actual voice?
Ok well not TOTALLY differrent like a different person, but its a bit more higher and like a slightly more differnt tone then what i hear. and it sounds kinda wierd i which voice would people hear with? the one i hear or the one in the cam?

what’s something random that you’ve always wanted to do?

I need something to do fo a fundraiser…?

I’m in NJHS, and I’m going to New York City. However, I need to make $1,059. I’ve gotten a fundraiser, but…it’s candles, I mean, come on! I need something to do to make some money. (But the first payment is only $350.) Suggestions?

Are there any driving lesson interactive games or something like one that teaches you how to drive?

I remember when I was back in school, one of my gym teachers was showing one of the students an interactive driving video test game where you either drive or the car goes like a instructional video. I remember it asked about what you should do in an intersection, stop light, and etc but I don’t remember what website it was. Is there any at least like my description, any other websites that’s helpful.

P.S. I’m not in high school anymore so I don’t have any contact with that teacher anymore.

The best way to find a leak in something inflatable?

My child has an inflatable bounce house and the top of it keeps deflating. The puncture is probably small. What is the best way to determine where the leak is so we can patch it up? Thanks!

Christina Aguilera and A Great Big World: “Say Something” – The Voice Highlight

Xtina joins indie pop duo A Great Big World on their single, “Say Something.” Subscribe to The Voice: Mondays at 8/7c and Tuesdays at 9…

How can I make something interactive and put it on deviantART?

I don’t want it to be a GIF but like a mini video game. Like I would have sounds, a moving image, and make it interactive. For example, the beginning would be raining (So rain which is moving) Then there would be a arrow saying to go inside the house, then you click it and it would take you in the house. So yeah, sort of like a game. And im not sure if i can put all of that on power point and post it on deviantART.

How to do something for class demonstration?

Anything that is do-able and not too easy/hard for 3-5 minutes long.

I am thinking of maybe doing the soulja boy dance to class?

Has anyone used the moonwalk vinyl repair patch? or something like it?

I’ve been looking for a repair patch for my bouncy house and I know I can get the vinyl material in the color I need plus the glue, but that can be messy and I also found the patch at that seems to be exactly what I need, just wondering if anyone has any experience with this, thanks!

should i send in audition tapes to recording studios or do something like american idol?

the only problem with that is i heard american idol was rigged or those shows like america’s got talent was like fake it’s all controlled by the producers.