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Good grade 9 fundraisers in a small community?

Ones we already have- ice cream sale, burger sale, bake sale, vegetable sale, raffle tickets, selling chocolate almonds, popcorn sale, school fundraisers from lamontange and sunsweet, What else could we do?

All Occasions Party Rentals wins Small Business Excellence Award

Terry Turner, owner of All Occasions Party Rentals accepts the award for small business excellence at the 2012 Pinnacle Business Awards, presented by BB&T.

what are some easy fundraiser ideas for a small college organization?

im in a small organization on my college campus. i am trying to brainstorm and find some ideas for a fundraiser? any unique ideas? we have about forty members.

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I’m trying to get some small Dance Ideas for a Talent Show.?

Me and my girlfriend wants to perform at my school’s Talent Show and we have a song for the performance but we want to have a small dance to go with the song. the song is Whiskey Lullaby. does anyone have any ideas we could Use????

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How can I entertain 80 people in a small backyard? I am having a 4th of July party on a low budget.?

I dont have much room but I want people to have activities besides the usual washers. I also was wondering how exspensive it would be to rent one of those inflatable deals for the kids. Thanks

What is a good profitable gig or small business to start?

Well I guess using the word “business” is inappropriate since it’ll be dealing with taxes and employees and all kinds of paper works.

But I’m looking at something that I can do on the side and make money.

As of now I’m buying and selling iPhone’s. It yearns small profit but it’s not a lot of work to do and it’s always and forever be in demand.

Another example.. A friend of mine bought a bounce house for 1000 and it rents for 100/day. It seems like a very profitable gig on the side.

Does any of you have any ideas?
I’m not looking on something that requires being certified by the state or whatever.. Just a simple and honest money making gig.

I have a little less than 6g for capital which I think shouldn’t be an issue.

Help guys

What are your best ideas for a small retail business GRAND OPENING EVENT?

My local retial store will be hosting a grand opening in the next month and I need some creative ideas. I’m sick of the whole bounce house and hot dogs idea – I want something new and unique. What are the best things you have seen and best attended events you have held?


What taxes does my small business have to pay?

I have a bounce house rental business in Texas and this is our first year. This is a sole prop. We do not pay ourselves at all, nor do we draw from the account for anything personal. The only thing we will soon run through the business is my health insurance – I suspect will be around $100 a month. The entire year 2013 revenue shall be reinvested into more inventory. By 2014 sometime we will decide how we want to pay ourselves or what we want to do with the profit at the end of the year. Other than sales tax, is there anything else we need to pay into, even though we technically have not employees? Is there a different tax that applies to our revenue other than sales tax?