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Cancer fundraiser, what should I sell?

Hey, guys!!

So, I’m grouping up with a bunch of friends, and we’re going to try to do some Cancer fundraising in the near future. Our idea, as soon as we get permission from storeowners, our state, our county, the Cancer Research Hospital, and all the other paperwork done, is to set up a table outside local grocery stores and we’d sell things for $1-$20 on the table. I was thinking things like little magnets, little keychains, maybe some water bottles, cute ceramic figurines, etc. That’s all just the small stuff. I’d like to sell some bigger things as well, but I’m worried because we only have a $70 budget to spend on this. So, I’m wondering what else I can sell. Things that won’t be too expensive to get and can be sold for various prices, like T-Shirts. If you were to go up to a Cancer fundraiser and you saw that things were being sold for the cause, what would YOU want to see on that table? What would you want to buy?

Thanks, guys! Wish me luck!!!

Realtor moonwalks to sell home

Tomasz Samborski Realtor Moonwalks.

What Fundraisers Sell The Best?

I would like suggestions on Fundraisers that offer dropshipping with no start up cost? Im also looking for something that is a great seller so any suggestions would help :)

what companies sell products for fundraisers?

I have a product that is good for fundraisers (schools, clubs, etc,). I’m trying to determine which are the popular companies that organizations buy these products from so that I can contact them. Any information would be appreciated.

What are some good profitable items to sell at fundraisers in high school?

I need help!
So I am going to do a fundraiser for video production club and its pretty difficult to decide what to sell.
Since the school has a few fundraisers and a school store.
I can’t sell cookies, Mexican candy (the school is mainly populated with Mexicans lol.), muffins, and ice cream (but thats temporary)
It does not have to be heathy. It does not have to be food.

I was thinking donuts but i get them for $1.75 each so selling them for above that seems overpriced :(
What should i do? (besides quit xD)

How to sell stuff through a school fundraiser?

So our school does those stupid fundraisers and I never did them, but this year part of the money we make from selling stuff (cookie dough, flowers, candy, etc) goes toward our $500 chorus trip, so I thought I’d give it a shot. But what’s the easiest way to do it? I don’t want to go door to door.. And neither of my parents do desk work, so it’s not like they can just bring it to work. Ideas? Thanks!

Charity booth game ideas and items to sell for hawiian theme?

my friends and I have a booth at relay for life and our theme is hawiian and tropical. what are some games, raffles or items we could sell to raise money for donations?

What to sell for a fundraiser that everyone would buy?

my church is moving to a bigger church soon but they need help paying the finanaces to clean it up and repaint and stuff. they need $300 from each family so i thought a fundraiser would be fun but idk wat to sell. food is good but like wat kinda and wat about something other then food too. and it’s rly hot so something that would cool people down

How to sell more stuff as a fundraiser?

Mkay. My school does fundraisers every year.

And each year, it depends how much you sell. Then you get a prize.

I want a lot of the prizes, so I need to sell the stuff.


- No Door to Door selling
- A lot of my cousins are doing this too, so some family members are a no.

Help? My grandma wont take it to work with her. And she works at the AIRPORT! Bummer ;(

My class is going to sell tshirts as a fundraiser to go to Spain. What should the shirts say?

My Spanish class is going to Spain next summer and I want to sell tshirts as a fundraiser but I don’t know what to put on them. I don’t want it to be directly related to Spain because I feel like people won’t buy them, and I could use some suggestions. It will be an educational trip with the school, so keep the ideas PG. Thanks for the help