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FAQ: What are the safety rules for moonwalks?

At Affordable Moonwalk Rentals, the safety of your children is our priority. We do have a few safety rules to help ensure that your children stay safe while …

Break of a Rental Lease due to a threat on personal safety?

If a person is frightened of one of their roommates, can a lease in the state of Michigan be broken or voided in some way to avoid penalization?
The current rule in the lease is that a 45 day notice of move out must be made and two months rent provided. The office states that even if a single person on a lease leaves, and no longer lives at the residence, they are still required to pay rent on said unit.

The situation is that The Leaver found a nice, inexpensive place and asked The Roommate and the The roommates Boyfriend if they would still like to break the lease and go their separate ways. Both parties agreed to leave by the end of the month (less than 25 days away).
After finding out the total cost to break the lease (around $2500) The Boyfriend has a mental blowup and said he was going to kick the ass of The Leaver as well as kill The Leaver. The Boyfriend owns a gun and is known to have an irrational, violent, temper.
Once confronted as having said this, The Boyfriend responded as having been joking about what had been said. The Leaver did not take the death threat well and is in the process of moving her stuff out.
The Leaver contacted the office to let them know she was, in fact, leaving and they told her even though she was not or could not live in the apartment that she was still contracted to pay the rent. AND if the other parties left the unit she would be liable for any fees if the full rent was not paid on time.

Now, the main question. If The Leaver is too afraid for her personal safety to live or even to enter her own unit due to the words and actions of a roommate is she allowed to be released from the rental agreement without substantial fees?

Safety steps for renting from private renter?

I want to rent a condo from a private renter. We have agreed on a price and rental length, and will be getting a contract together soon. what are some steps i can take to cover my butt and make sure i dont get ripped off? also, should the rental contract be notarized? any steps or tips that would helpensure i cover protect myslef would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance everyone.

Safety Overview: Fluid Power Handbook

Safety is a critical aspect to any fluid power system, not just from the basic level of keeping components plumbed properly, but also in overall levels of machine safeguarding. It is critical to evaluate the entire system, including the electrical portion, to minimize exposure to unnecessary risk. Systems are rated based on the weakest link in the control chain. Several standards define the control system as including not only input, sensing, and interlock devices but also output devices such as pneumatic and hydraulic valves. The function of a fluid control valve mimics that of an electrical-control relay and, therefore, is subject to the same rules for classifying safety integrity. Providing control reliability with fluid power is not quite the same as with electrical controls, however. For instance, plain redundancy in a safety circuit requires the equivalent function of four valve elements, not just two. Two of the four valve elements handle the inlet function while the other two elements handle the stop function. Many self-designed systems risk having hidden, potential flaws, which can lead to unsafe conditions because they are unseen, unexpected and, therefore, excluded from design and safety reviews. The use of double valves remained relatively unheard of for many years except in a few select industries, such as stamping presses, which first initiated control reliability requirements. Double valves provide dual internal functions (for redundancy) so that an

NBC News on Bounce House Safety with Magic Jump

A recent incident in New York with inflatables going airborne sparked some questions about inflatable safety and what measures can be done to increases awareness of such bounce houses. Patrick Healy of NBC Los Angeles visited Sam Bagumyan at Magic Jump Inc. to talk about bounce house safety and what can be done to avoid such incidents. Bagumyan talks about bounce house safety measures taken by Magic Jump Inc. and what consumers can do to help avoid such incidents. Bagumyan recommends operators to read the owners manuals provided by all inflatables manufactured by Magic Jump and for consumers to follow the safety rules that are located near the entrance of every inflatable ride. Bagumyan also recommends that more outside oversight and regulation for the inflatable rental industry can be beneficial to all parties, and is seeing to it to urge legislators and state officials to take initiative. Full News Article:

Lakeside Ski & Wake safety briefing video

Check out our fab safety briefing video!

Bounce House Safety

When using a bounce house it is important to follow the manufactures rules and guidelines in the owners manual. Blast Zone has created a video safety piece that is now included with all of their inflatable bounce houses and water slides. While this video pertains to only Blast Zone bounce houses, it still provides great basic information for general inflatable use. For more information, please visit us at

Carnival ride safety in NH

New Hampshire Tramway and Amusement Ride Safety Bureau chief Briggs Lockwood inspects about 300 carnival and amusement rides a year. Michael Cousineau watched him work before a recent carnival in Keene.

Safety Fun for Kids This site is all about energy, safety and kids. Have you ever wondered how a bird can sit on a power line without getting hurt? Why natural gas flames are blue? Or how your family can save money on their energy bill? It’s fun to learn the answers to these questions and more at Our new website features interactive games and kid-friendly videos that make it easy for young people to learn about energy safety and efficiency.

Bounce And Slide Safety Featured On the News

KidsBounce4Fun Party Rentals is one of the few Companies in South Florida that is doing the right thinkg by staking these units down properly !