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Planning a birthday party, what does it need?

My birthday is on the 30th June, and I’m having a party on the 2nd July. So far I have 13 people coming with around 24 yet to decide. Does there need to be a lot of people? What drinks does there need to be? Yes, I am (will be) 18.

Party Planning Help?

Ok. for my 15th birthday, me and my best friend (were eight days apart in age) are haveing a big party. We have no idea what all needs to go into party planning or w/e so we really need help! our limit is about 300-400 dollars, and were thinking about doing a hollywood themed party with a red carpet and photographers, and then have everyone dress in red carpet attire. Then the rest of the night we will just have music and dancing. The turnout should be about 100 people. We think we found a good place to rent out thats big enough, and only 100 dollars for two hours. We need a DJ, lights, decorations, and a cake. Any party planners out there that would give me advice? what else do i need? and what are estimations on what each of these would cost. any advice your willing to offer would be greatly appreciated! THANKS! —JAiME AND ANSlEY

Planning an Outdoor Wedding in a Tent

This video slide show will help you determine the steps needed to plan your outdoor wedding with Ambassador Tent Rental.

How do I get into wedding and party planning?

How do I get into this business?
I am a stay at home mother. I dn’t have to work. I want to. So, yes, I don’t mind getting into right now. If you can learn to do things while it’s hard, you can damn well do it when it gets easy.

I am planning a TV Land Awards Night themed party for a group of 100+ teenagers. Does anyone have ideas?

Any ideas for entertainment, decoration, etc would be awesome! Remember, these are teenagers and sometimes hard to please. :) Thanks!

I was planning on a fundraiser for the homeless at my college and here someone else has done the same…?

fundraiser and basically said we either combine with them but give them the money earned for their fraternity or just give it up.

what should i do?
it wasnt who it was going too but rather that it was the same way to fundraise a dating game and they threw a fit and student government basically has me up against a wall.

Need help planning a classy baby shower brunch for boy. Does anyone know some good websites or have ideas?

looking for websites or pictures of classy showers. Floral arrangements and decorations. Need suggestions for party favors, nothing too cheap or disposable. Creative packaging and visual elements are something I enjoy. I’m trying to create a classy spin on traditional baby showers. Thanks for any suggestions.

I am planning a Bachelorette Party in Miami and Need a Hotel Suggestion?

I have about 8 girls flying to Miami for a bachelorette party at the end of June. None of us has been there before but know we would like to stay somewhere between Miami and South Beach so we have access to the beach during the day and the nightlife at night. I would love to find a suite or weekend rental, but that seems unreasonably priced. Does anyone have suggestions for an area that is nice enough that we will be safe, but less than $200 a night per room (weekend)? I definitely need beach access and a pool. A poolside bar is a major plus.

Also, I would appreciate any suggestions on where to go for nightlife and anything else like shopping that we should do during the day. Oh, and I need to know of a reputable tattoo parlor and would love suggestions on a decent male strip show.

Planning birthday party?

I am trying to plan my Daughter’s 3rd birthday. I’m inviting some friends(about 4). I was wondering if there was someone that I can hire to come and entertain. One of the kids I’m inviting is scared of clowns so that’s out. I don’t think the kids will sit long enough for a magic show. So I have no idea on what to do now. What kind of games should I have? Her birthday is at the end of May so I think it should be warm enough for the kids to be in the backyard. Any idea would be wondeful. Thanks!

My bf is planning to walk across country in March of 2010. I want to start a fundraiser, any suggestions?

My boyfriend is planning to walk across country and we figured we would make a fundraiser out of it as well. His mother has alzheimers so we were thinking something to support that cause. I just don’t even know where to begin in helping with his trip…any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!