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San Jose Casino Party Rentals and California Casino Themed Event Planning

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Santa Ana Party Rentals, Party Rentals in Santa Ana, CA, Santa Ana Party Planning

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Party Planning?

I am in my early teens and i like to plan things. I was wondering something i could do. So i figured i could be a party planner. So i was wondering what should i start off with. I figured i would be able to plan a party at my grandmothers apartment complex for senoir citizens. If you have any ideas of equipment i will need or watever let me know. Thanks in advance.

Sleepover Planning?!?!?

Help! I have no idea what to do for my sleepover this year for my b-day. I need help with games, food ideas, and more if you could!! My theme is: either Hawain or Red Carpet.

Thanks to everybody who answers!!
Wow thanks Dragon_953!! That stuff about the celebrity I like….

LOL Thanks so much!!!

need some help with party planning?

It is my 17th birthday in December. I want to have a big party, my one problem is my house is too small to have a lot of people in. However we have a lot of land outside. It will be cold in December so we couldn’t really stay outside. Any ideas?

Where do I start with the planning of this party?

My best friend had gastric bypass surgery last week & while me & his Mom were waiting for him to get out of surgery, she was talking about how he’s going to be needing new clothes soon. I told her that I was planning on having a little birthday get together for him & I (our birthdays are 5 days apart) in August. She said that would be cool, because she has another son who has a birthday two days before mine & she didn’t want to feel obligated to throw him a party. So anyway, I talked to my friend about this & he said that his Mom was going to do a party at their house for him & his brother, and that we could include me also & just invite my family to his house. That sounded like a good idea, but then we started talking more about it & his house isn’t really big enough for all of both of our families. So we started discussing getting a hall or having our party at a park. Either one is fine with me.

So anyway, I mentioned this to another friend & she said that I need to start making plans ASAP. Where do I even start? I already know I want to have the party on August 14th (hopefully). That’s about it. I’m turning 23, my friend is turning 27 & his brother is turning 22. So we’re all of age, but there will be a lot of kids there.

Irvine Party Rentals, Party Rentals in Irvine, CA, Irvine Party Planning

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Fullerton Party Rentals, Party Rentals in Fullerton, CA, Fullerton Party Planning

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Planning a birthday party, what does it need?

My birthday is on the 30th June, and I’m having a party on the 2nd July. So far I have 13 people coming with around 24 yet to decide. Does there need to be a lot of people? What drinks does there need to be? Yes, I am (will be) 18.

Party Planning Help?

Ok. for my 15th birthday, me and my best friend (were eight days apart in age) are haveing a big party. We have no idea what all needs to go into party planning or w/e so we really need help! our limit is about 300-400 dollars, and were thinking about doing a hollywood themed party with a red carpet and photographers, and then have everyone dress in red carpet attire. Then the rest of the night we will just have music and dancing. The turnout should be about 100 people. We think we found a good place to rent out thats big enough, and only 100 dollars for two hours. We need a DJ, lights, decorations, and a cake. Any party planners out there that would give me advice? what else do i need? and what are estimations on what each of these would cost. any advice your willing to offer would be greatly appreciated! THANKS! —JAiME AND ANSlEY