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What can I do on a 11 hour plane ride? London to LAX?

it’s 15 hours in total but we are making a stop over in Canada
anyway, on the 11 hours I am actually on the plane what can I do? I have my ipod..and I won’t sleep the night before so I can fall asleep on the plane but what else?
I hate sitting in a seat for long hours and I HATE flying lol
Also what can I take that will calm me down before the flight?

kids entertainment playground equipment self control plane amusement rides

kids entertainment playground equipment self control plane is a popular children favorite rides, it can rotate, can go ups and downs, can fly, can play music…

How does the motion of a plane wave differ from the motion of a circular wave?

1. How does the motion of a plane wave differ from the motion of a circular

2. For each of the examples below, identify whether reflection, refraction,
diffraction, or absorption is happening.
a. During a total solar eclipse, the Moon is in front of the Sun but you
can still see some sunlight around the edges of the Moon.
b. The black surface of a parking lot gets hot in the summer when
exposed to sunlight.
c. The image at the right of a straw in a glass looks
d. When you look in a mirror, you can see yourself.
e. Sound seems muffled when it is occurring on the
other side of a wall.
f. Light waves bend when they move from water to
g. A ball bounces back when you throw it at a wall.

3. When a wave is being absorbed, what happens to the
amplitude of the wave? Use the term energy in your explanation.

4. Compare and contrast transverse waves and longitudinal waves.

5. Two waves combine to make a wave that is larger than either wave by
itself. Is this constructive or destructive interference?

6. When constructive interference happens between two sound waves, the
sound will get louder. What does this tell you about the relationship
between amplitude and volume of sound?

7. One wave on a string is moving toward the right and another is moving
toward the left. When, they meet in the middle, half of the cycle of the
wave from the right overlaps with half of the cycle of the wave from the
left. The result is that the string gets flat when the two waves meet. What
happened? What will happen after the waves meet?
its not a course, i can’t drop it, if i drop it i’ll have to retake it again next year.

what are some fun items to bring on a plane while traveling?

I’m heading down to So Cal and I always forget to bring some fun snacks, games, iPod, etc for the long plane ride! Any interesting suggestions?

what are some fun things to do on a plane?

i am going on a plane ride tommorow and need soemthing to do. it is like at 6:00 am in utah airport plz answer soon

How do you keep a 2 year old occupied on a 4 hour plane ride?

I’m going on a trip with my niece, who is 2, and she doesn’t have that big of an attention span. We have a 4 hour plane ride. Anybody have any sugguestions of games or anything that I can play with her to keep her busy???
Theres only one problem with the Tv thing. She doesn’t like it. It will interest her for abuot an hour but then she’ll be board of it and want to do something else!

first time on a plane ride!?

okay so i’m going to florida this summer, and i have never been on a plane before; i’m sixteen & i live in detroit, michigan, so what’re some things i should know?
like what kind of security procedures do they do?
can you carry any bags on with you?
can i bring an mp3/ipod and whatever?
what’s the worst part of flying?

*honestly, anything in general will probably help me.

How soon until the democrats or liberals start blaming the administration for the plane crash in NYC?

What are fun things to bring on a plane?

I’m going to Japan for about 2 weeks and I’m bringing my NDS, probably my iPod, and maybe some things to draw with[Probably I won't since we're gonna go shopping and such]. What are other things I should bring? Any fun games for the NDS? Thanks[:

Can i bring a halloween mask on the plane as a carryon?

I am traveling with a team and we are not checking are luggage.. Can i bring a halloween mask on a plane.