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question about party buses, for sweet 16?

i live by altoona, and i need to find a place in the altoona area that has party buses.

please give me websites (:

thanks <33

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Help looking for a animal/theme to represent a party rental logo?

Hi there, i would like an idea or help building a logo, i don’t have a steady business, just been doing it here and there from home local. Im planning on soon going out, i want something good to represent my business. Altough it’s party rentals it’s mainly focus on an adult level, corporate,family/halls party’s. We do rent moonwalks but not focus on the kids market.

I want something that represents the name, and went people see the logo it represent something formal,not goofy,etc. I’ve been thinking of an animal,a certain shape,etc. Any tips, please!

My business name is Fiesta’s Party Rental

Party Bus Rental Chicago!!?

Hi I’m looking for a party bus rental that cheap, and in chicago ill area???

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Will a large party tent with walls limit noise?

I’m planning on throwing a party in my backyard. Possible 200-250 people showing. Last thing I want is cops showing for a noise complaint. Will a large 40×60 foot party tent with walls limit the noise. About 150+ people will be inside it at one time, it can hold up to 300.

What are the odds that cops will be called, and how much noise can a tent like that limit. My neighbors are cool and never had any problems.

Paintball party amount?

I need to know how many people i can have for a paintball party at skirmish? my friends say less people 12 but is 18-20 okay

Party Tent Rental suggestions?

My daughters 1st bday party is in a few weeks and wondering if anyone can recommend a not-so-expensive rental place to get a tent? would like a 10×15 or 10×20 if possible under $100 and close to Ballantyne area or within reasonable driving distance. Any recommendations would be great. If you aren’t allowed to post specific companies on here, please send me a PM.

18th Birthday Party NEED HELP!?

okay so im having a party at my house and i need some things too do there to make it interesting!

any suggestions????

what to eat?
should it be costume party?
should it be sleep over?

help with throwing a party based off theses themes?

im really into raves and flash parties kinda based off theses videos:
lady gaga just dance
big time rush city is ours
breathe carolina i.d.g.a.f
the cab take my hand
if you have in sugeustions, additional ideas or comments please answer