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Need Advice for opening Party Business?

would love to have my own small dress up rental business for children to experience an extra special birthday. I imagine I would target more girls then boys with this idea but will also include boys items. What I would like to do is have the business from my home as in I would store the costumes, accessories and party supplies in my extra room. Then when people would like to rent a package I would either have them pick it up at my home or deliver it to them. For an extra fee I would deliver everything set it up and then after the party take everything down and back home.

In this package I would include
-Costumes (In the theme they choose)
-Accessories (Feather Boas, Fairy Wings, Necklaces, Crowns…)
-Invitations (Optional add on)
-Games to Play
-Craft Activity
-Party Guide
-Favors (Optional add on)
-Table Wear (Tea Cups or Paper Goods, Table Cloth, Napkins….)

This would be a complete package but I would also set up individual packages if they only choose to have the costumes and tea cups for example.

So the parents would be the ones to host this party but it would be easy as I would include lots to do and a guide.

So this is my idea and I would love to start it out with just a few themes. But there are a few things I am still not sure about.

I live in a small town in PA the population is 5,960 I would be willing to travel to houses out of my town but I would love to get business locally. I plan on moving down the road but this is where I will be living for several years. In this area there are no party things to do the only thing we have is a bowling alley. We do have a community center and places to hold parties at if parents didn’t want to have the party in their home.

I also don’t plan to get rich off of this business either just want to do it part time and make some money doing something I love!

I also know that I would need to get a business license but what else would I need to rent out these packages? I don’t really know the nuts and bolts of what to do or how to find out more information about this.

I am also going to be attending Penn State in Fall to get my education for a real career so not sure if I will be able to open my business until after I graduate which will be two years after this fall. But if I some how was able to open up while attending school the extra money would help out.

Here is a link to basically exactly what I want to do only in a smaller scale

Is it acceptable to have a fundraiser at a bar for opening another bar?

Two of my friends and I are looking into opening a bar/restaurant. We can not get a full loan from the bank to cover all of the costs in opening. One friend’s suggestion was that we have a fundraiser at another popular bar in the vicinity. Is this acceptable?

Is it legal to set up a fundraiser and use the funds towards opening up an Assisted Living Facility?

Im looking to open up an Assisted Living Facility and I want to do fundraisers to raise money to help towards the cost. Is it legal to do fundraisers? Also is it legal to ask for and accept donations for this cause also.

Opening Armin van Buuren – This Is What It Feels Like (The voice of Holland: Live 2)

Armin van Buuren opent samen met het Metropole Orkest, John Ewbank en talenten Steffen, Jennifer, Darren en Gerrie de tweede liveshow van The voice of Hollan…

What are your best ideas for a small retail business GRAND OPENING EVENT?

My local retial store will be hosting a grand opening in the next month and I need some creative ideas. I’m sick of the whole bounce house and hot dogs idea – I want something new and unique. What are the best things you have seen and best attended events you have held?


What would be the most popular chess opening lines, IF castling was not allowed?

So assume we were playing regular chess, but we only add a small variation: no castling; how would you open the game?
Opening the center means exposing your king, closing the center my give the king trouble as strong pieces of your opponent can give you a lot of trouble!
Without castling I would open on the flanks, and develop my rooks, early on the game (b4 or g4)

By the way, could you please indicate a notable game in which one player castles and the other does not yet ends up winning the game!

Are there going to be new amusement parks opening in the USA?

Big amusement parks like a, new six flags.

Not an amusement park that has one roller coaster and kid rides.

I love roller coasters and wanted to know if any new amusement parks are opening in the USA, and if so where in USA?

Are you going to an Opening Day game this year? If So, what game and where will you be sitting?

I went last year to see the Rays play vs the Yanks at Yankee Stadium last year on Opening day and traffic was so bad I had to park about 3 miles from the stadium and missed about 2 innings.

BE SURE to leave extra early!!!!

I should’ve just taken the chopper instead of driving myself.

Valleyfair Opening Day 2011 – Planet Snoopy – Park Tour

Took a trip to Valleyfair and here is some footage of what we saw, the Corkscrew had different paint and also the Mad Mouse. The new Planet Snoopy area was really nice, and it is perfect for kids. The weather was not the best today but we made the best of it and had a great time! New Planet Snoopy Rides: Snoopy vs. Red Baron Cosmic Coaster Snoopy’s Deep Sea Divers PEANUTS 500 PEANUTS Road Rally Flying Ace Balloon Race Kite Eating Tree Sally’s Swing Set Charlie Brown’s Wind Up Linus’ Beetle Bugs Linus Launcher Woodstock Whirlybirds Snoopy’s Rocket Express Snoopy’s Junction Lucy’s Rockin’ Tug Snoopy’s Moon Bounce PEANUTS Playhouse Snoopy Boutique Planet Grill

MLB 11 The Show: RTTS ft. My First Baseman (Opening Day, Live Streams) I plan on doing some live streams, maybe do some interactive games with subs. Check out my channel and subscribe so you can get notifications of when I go live! This is opening day with my 1st baseman. I will be throwing up new games here and there of him. I won’t be showing every game. Thanks for you support guys! Follow me on twitter: